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Heparin Binding Protein A new marker in sepsis management

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Sepsis Sepsis is the body’s systemic inflammatory response to infection and can progress to severe sepsis, septic shock and ultimately multiple organ failure1. There are over 18 million cases of severe sepsis worldwide each year with up to 215,000 deaths in the US alone, more than the number of deaths from prostate, colorectal and breast cancer combined. The estimated annual cost of treating sepsis in the US in $17 billion and the number of annual sepsis cases is increasing – this is most likely due to an ageing population, the rise in antibiotic resistance or the increase in invasive...

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The major impediments to the effectiveness of sepsis diagnosis are the lack of specificity of symptoms and the poor performance of existing biochemical markers. Symptoms such as fever; rapid heartbeat and increased respiration are common and non-specific. Current biochemical markers such as Procalcitonin, IL-6, Lactate, C-Reactive Protein (CRP) or White Blood Cells (WBCs) have neither “sufficient specificity or sensitivity to be routinely employed in clinical practice”2. Heparin Binding Protein is a new marker that has demonstrated utility in identifying patients at risk of developing...

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• CE-marked ELISA assay • 96-well microtitre plate with breakapart strips • Includes 6 calibrators and 3 controls, liquid, ready-to-use. • HRP conjugate with TMB substrate (read at 450nm) • iO^L sample volume (1:40 dilution) • Total Imprecision < i 5% • Compatible with liquid-handling automates for improved throughput References 1. Levy MM et al Crit Care Med 2003; 31:1250-1256 2. Pierrakos C and Vincent J-L Crit Care 2010; I4:RI5 5. Linder A, Soehnlein O, Akesson P J Innate Immun 2010; 2(5): 431 -8 6. Linder A et al Clin Infect Dis 2009 Oct I; 49(7): 1044-50 The Technology Park Dundee DD2...

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