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SAFE SERIALISATION LABELLING AUTOMATION - EXPIERENCED IN ALL INDUSTRIES We, b+b Automati ons- und Steuerungstechnik GmbH, develop complete solutions in the fields of labelling, automation, serialisation and aggregation. Legal requirements as well as your wishes and needs are the focus here. In addition to our industry-specific standard systems, we offer complete solutions and project the necessary hardware and software modules for your application. For this purpose, we integrate components from well-known partners in the fields of printing, sensor and vision technology. Our semi-automatic...

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SEMI-AUTOMATIC LABELLING SOLUTIONS TNC-F > DOUBLE-SIDED LABELLING OF SHAPED BOTTLES All models can be extended by modules such as • Printing unit • Vision inspection (print presence, print data control, presence, alignment) • Product rejection • Serialisation (hardware and software) • Audit Trail (21 CFR Part 11) > WRAP-AROUND LABELLING OF CYLINDRICAL PRODUCTS The TNC-DS series is used to label cylindrical products on the circumference. For this purpose, the product is manually placed in the product turning station. The labelling process is triggered by actuating the foot switch or the...

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For precise labelling, products with an accessible cavity are manually placed on a format mandrel. By actuating the foot switch or the optionally available 2-hand control, the labelling process is triggered, the product is rotated, and the label is applied precisely to the circumference of the product. If front and back labels are on one label roll, the system can also place several labels on the circumference. The distance between the labels can be adjusted in the PLC. Optionally, the labels can be aligned using a welding seam or other product features (such as opening tabs or lid recesses...

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