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SAFE SERIALISATION LABELLING AUTOMATION - EXPERIENCED IN ALL INDUSTRIES Serialisation systems page 5 Serialisation and aggregation systems page 10 Aggregation systems page 12 We, b+b Automations- und Steuerungstechnik GmbH, develop complete solutions in the fields of labelling, automation, serialisation and aggregation. Legal requirements as well as your wishes and needs are the focus here. In addition to our industry-specific standard systems, we offer complete solutions and project the necessary hardware and software modules for your application. For this purpose we integrate components...

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Serialisation and Aggregation - 3

MORE THAN JUST COMPLIANCE SERIALISATION SYSTEMS Pharmaceutical packaging and its labelling and marking are subject to high legal requirements in order to guarantee the safety of the patient. Therefore, the requirements in the pharmaceutical industry are higher than in any other industry. LSS-PVeco > SERIALISATION OFFLINE [ In addition to our standard systems, we offer customer-specific hardware solutions and the necessary software modules for implementing the requirements for serialisation (also in combination with labelling systems) and aggregation (Track & Trace), which go far beyond the...

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Serialisation and Aggregation - 4

> SERIALISATION OFFLINE [flat boxes] This powerful HSF friction feeder is the optimal solution when empty folding boxes have to be marked with variable data offline from the production line. The modular design of the system enables an easy integration of the desired marking technology. > SERIALISATION INLINE [filled boxes] Due to increasing product counterfeiting, many manufacturers are forced to make their products tamper-proof and counterfeit-proof. There are legal requirements for this in many countries. For this task we have developed our model series HSS. The system enables...

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Serialisation and Aggregation - 5

> SERIALISATION INLINE [vials, cylindrical products] To serialize vials and other cylindrical products, we rely on the proven quality and reliability of our labelers. In order to achieve the best possible grading of the serialisation barcodes, we integrate thermal transfer printer or marking laser units directly on the label applicator. The vision system immediately inspects the print data after the printing process. If the inspection shows a negative result, we optionally offer a label reject station which automatically removes the label from the process and therefore does not waste a...

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Serialisation and Aggregation - 6

AGGREGATION AND SERIALISATION SYSTEMS Our hybrid systems are used for serialisation and aggregation. Both are carried out in one system. Often only small batches of certain products are serialized, which must be aggregated depending on the target market. All systems are available with 1 to n aggregation levels or can be expanded. LSS-PV-AG > SERIALISATION OFFLINE | AGGREGATION OFFLINE MS-PV-AG > SERIALISATION OFFLINE | AGGREGATION OFFLINE This workstation enables the manual serialisation of drug packages and their aggregation into shipping cases. For this purpose, each individual box is...

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Serialisation and Aggregation - 7

STS-T > AGGREGATION OFFLINE | AGGREGATION INLINE The STS-T series is based on high-resolution image chips and is available with resolutions of 12, 20 or 30 megapixels. With the real-time autofocus, any number of barcodes, even if they vary greatly in height, can be easily and reliably captured without mechanical or manual adjustment. For this reason, the system also finds its place in the incoming goods department of large pharmacies or re-importers (in entrance module mode). The field of view of 600 mm in width and 400 mm in depth is marked on the base frame. The shipping cases can have a...

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Serialisation and Aggregation - 8

SOFTWARE Although the above-mentioned systems communicate with other Level 3 solutions, we offer our b+b Siteserver, a modular and at any time flexibly expandable Level 3 solution. This can be extended by a multitude of additional modules in order to handle your processes as a brand owner, contract manufacturer, logistics service provider or re-importer far beyond the legal requirements. The MAT model series serves as a mobile terminal for all aspects of aggregation and rework. Aggregation and rework can take place over several levels. A large selection of interfaces to gateway providers,...

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