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UNIQUE PROSTHETIC CONNECTION Thanks to a single prosthetic connection (hole of diameter 3 mm) B. & B. Dental prosthetic components are compatible with all 3P, EV and WIDE implants, regardless of the abutment or pillar chosen and the diameter of the dental implant. B&B Dental is an Italian leading company in oral implantology, specialized in the production of dental implants and materials for bone regeneration. Established in 1992 in San Pietro in Casale, near Bologna, the main city in Emilia-Romagna, one of the wealthiest and most developed regions in Europe, with Italy’s highest quality of life indices, worldwide famous industries (packaging, pharmaceutical, food and automotive companies such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Ducati ) and home of the University of Bologna, the oldest university in the world. Over 20 years of research, development and production are in compliance with an innovative design for providing dentists with a wide range of items based on reliability and comfort in use. B & B Dental founder, Dr. Claudio Banzi, has an experience of more than 20 000 implants placed, hundreds of lectures gave around the world and surgeons trained; he has spread values which are: integrity, knowledge sharing and innovation. B & B Dental is constantly improving its own products and techniques by listening to customer needs and their issues. Experience allows us to produce materials designed and tested in our structures and certified in different countries, supported by a staff which is composed by qualified engineers and mechanical experts. A rationalized warehouse, technical trainings organized worldwide, a careful and a qualified Customer Service working with over 60 countries are additional strengths which elevate our Company among the excellence of manufacturers of dental implantology. Since 2015, the exclusive B&B Dental Guided Surgery project has been introduced. B&B Dental firmly sustains doctors and technicians for a complete support from the CT scan to the surgical guide creation, thanks to the most advanced 3D printers and high quality materials. Suitable for EV, 3P and SLIM implants. Produced and designed complete with drills, compactors-expanders, metal stops, implant drivers, screwdrivers, straight manual key and universal ratchet. UNLOCKING SYSTEM Unique “EXTRACTOR” screw (Ref. INN-6060) to release the mechanical “cold weld” between implant and abutment locked together by the Morse effect. I M P L A N T Via S. Benedetto, 1837 - 40018 San Pietro in Casale (BO) Italy Tel. +39 (0) - Fax +39 (0) 51.666.94.00 - UNI EN ISO 13485 certificates

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DURAVIT WIDE IMPLANT DURAVIT SLIM IMPLANT EV Implant: indicated for cases involving spongy bone, post-extraction conditions, small diameter preparations and immediate loads. For its specific characteristics guarantees the achievement of higher primary stability and an optimal control during the implant insertion, giving also the opportunity to change its direction. Duravit 3P Implant: indicated for all surgical procedures and excellent in all types of bone. Its specific characteristics ensure optimal control during implant insertion and achievement of high primary stability. Duravit WIDE...

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