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Scan Center Service of STL images, wax-ups or plaster model from laboratory of images or model scanning and treatment planning if needed of final product and quality control 4 TRACEABILITY and shipment of device

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Milling center The milling center uses cutting-edge mills to create reconstructions with CAD/CAM technology and can read files from any open scanner system. Quality control by specialised dental technicians ensures the accuracy of prosthetic products; any special requirements identified when analysing the submitted files are addressed in a timely manner by the technical service personnel in collaboration with our laboratory staff. Scanning service Those laboratories that do not have a scanner or modelling software can use our scanning service to easily enjoy the benefits of customised...

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Diagnostic wax-up and reduced wax-up Diagnostic wax-ups can be reduced virtually. This way, the generated milled product takes into account the thicknesses necessary to mount caps or cemented bridges or the thickness of the ceramic layer for a screw-retained prosthesis. Cementable Ti-Link connectors With Ti-Link connectors, prostheses can be created starting from an intraoral impression thanks to the benefits of cementation in order to obtain a passive fit. Retaining screws in titanium Gr 5 are included. Ti-Link connectors come both in a version that can be relocated for...

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Custom abutments and anatomical crowns on mua and flat connections In cases of a Ti-Link with an angled hole for a particular aesthetic or anatomical requirement, please contact the company to verify its feasibility and receive a cost estimate. Inclined screw holes Often the implants of screw-retained structures present an angle that places the screw hole into the vestibular position thereby causing aesthetic problems. The direction of holes can be corrected thanks to our scanning service, which operates both on digital models as well as on physical models; done in this manner, the screw...

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Materials The correct raw material for every case We have several materials available to enable laboratories to choose the most suitable solution for each clinical case. For instance, we offer: • Zirconia oxide • Milled biomedical grade 5 titanium • Milled ceramic-bonded biomedical cobalt-chromium • PEEK • PMMA multi-layer for temporary prostheses • Prototyped resin for aesthetic wax-ups and

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Characteristics of some commonly used materials: Biomedical titanium: restorations are milled from Gr 5 titanium discs meeting ISO 5832-3 and ASTM F136-11 specifications. This titanium alloy contains aluminium and vanadium, ensures excellent mechanical strength over time, and is ideally suited for full-arch reconstruction. Chromium-cobalt: the discs used for dental work are made from chromium-cobalt alloy and free from nickel, beryllium or gallium. Their main characteristics include high corrosion resistance and proven biocompatibility. Multilayer zirconium: the new multi-layer technology...

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STL file for milling This means an STL model file ready for machine uploading and milling. The work will be completed in 5 working days STL file model This means a file in STL format of the model that wi be used to create the commissioned work. The work will be completed in 7 working days Model with Finished wax-up Wax-up scan and precise replica in the desired materials. Please send the master model with resin wax- up. For machining on implants, please send the master model with resin wax-up, along with the gingiva model and analogues all in perfect condition. The work will be completed in...

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The precision fit of a titanium-titanium interface between an implant and abutments and the aesthetic advantages offered by the latest prosthetic materials are combined into the customised abutments and single full crowns with cementable Ti-Link connectors. An anaerobic cement is recommended for cementing the two parts after the ceramic coating has been oven cured. Cementable Ti-Link connectors are available for all B&B Dental implant platforms. Bridges, Toronto bridges and Bars on cementable screw-retained implants (Ti-Link) The cementable connector lends the structure an excellent passive...

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Customised abutments and reduced one-piece anatomic crowns (pre-milled) Abutments can be created for all platforms of B&B Dental implant. Abutments and full crowns are milled to fully reflect the emergence profile defined by file and wax-up modelling. Screw-retained one-piece bridges and Toronto bridges Producing implant screw-retained bridges meets the requirements of a temporary prosthesis, with such materials as biomedical resin, as well as of a definitive prosthesis. For mesostructures, threaded holes to accommodate connectors are available on request. Connectors are not supplied by...

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Bars on one-piece implants The milling center can define screw positions for ball connectors, locators or other special connectors. It is important to indicate the specifications of the attachment to be included in the project during the order phase so that the milling center can assess the dimensions of the bar. Crowns and bridges on natural teeth The restorations prepared by the milling center ensure micrometric tolerances and very small thicknesses in the margin area. Small laboratory milling machines offer less precision and cannot provide the same advantages in terms of convenient...

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Prototype service for restoration models Available products includes models for implant-supported restorations, models for abutment restorations and models with removable abutments. This type of process is capable of creating shapes that are not otherwise possible with conventional techniques. Work will be shipped out in 5 working days Analogues for rapid-prototyping models B&B Dental has designed a special line of laboratory analogues for applications based on intraoral scanning or models for guided surgery. A cylindrical design with 2 anti-rotation faces and fixation screw at the bottom...

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