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SB Series Industrial Washer - 2

The SB Series - Softmount Barrier Washer-Extractors for Small, Medium, and Large Sized On Premise Laundry Applications Where Hygiene is a Major Concern, Including Health Care and Clean Room Outstanding Reliability and Efficiency at an Affordable Price The SB Series is Designed to be Effortless and Powerful While Maintaining Low ♦ Investment cost returned through increased efficiency ♦ Fewer parts means less downtime ♦ Up to 350G extraction equals less time in the dryer, yielding tremendous savings ♦ Extremely easy installation, no special foundation requirements ♦ Can be installed on upper...

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SB Series Industrial Washer - 3

Design Features ♦ Designed to be built into the wall separating the clean and soiled sides of the laundry ♦ Heavy duty bearings and housings for longevity Robust Energy Efficient Inverter Drive System ♦ Incredibly flexible operation ♦ Excellent protection for the motor ♦ Latest technology for precise speed control ♦ Single motor drive without clutches and complication ♦ Up to 350G high speed extract Freestanding Construction ♦ Withstands the rigorous demands of continuous operation ♦ Tuned suspension system with heavy duty springs and industrial shock absorbers (SB-60, SB-80) ♦ Easy...

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SB Series Industrial Washer - 4

Standard Features: ♦ Heavy duty construction ♦ Variable speed inverter ♦ Stainless steel panels Optional Features: ♦ Water reuse inlet and ♦ Direct steam heating

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