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Water Washing and leaning SystemsMaximum Flexibility, Minimum Cost SP Series Washer-Extractor An SP Series washer is perfect for wetcleaning. Completely flexible programming provides the most gentle wash actions without compromise, allowing the machine to handle water washing as well as regular laundry by simply running a different program. A dedicated wetcleaning machine is not needed as the SP handles both duties. DE Series Tumble Dryer TS Series Drying Cabinets Water Washing Technology SP Washer-Extractor Total control over: • Temperature • Water level • Wash speed and dwell • Chemical delivery system DE Tumble Dryer • Stainless steel cylinder • Precision moisture control • Precise temperature control • Total control of dry/dwell times TS Drying Cabinet Absolutely no mechanical action Precision moisture control

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B&C Water Washing and Wetcleaning Systems "Hr Technologies TS-93 Cabinet Dryer, 32lb drying capacity TS-63 Cabinet Dryer, 20lb drying capacity [Tumble-drying is an efficient drying process but it can prematurely wear the fabric through friction and mechanical action, leading to the addition of a do not tumble dry label on the garment care tag of many items. B&C Technologies drying cabinets are the perfect solution for drying water washed goods requiring this gentle method. Drying the goods without any mechanical action allows for virtually no wear and tear on the fabric while moisture...

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