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Zirconia - Fast Sintering Best & Best

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Speed, Accuracy & Versatility Accurate Temperature Control Fully programmable & capable of creating custom cycles for different material needs LCD monitor (Touch Screen) Stainless steel construction with multiple internal exterior temperature Furnace insulated with high-purity fiber insulation Compact size provides a USB Port for program upgrades

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DuoTron PRO - 3

Speed, Accuracy & Versatility Heating Elements Controlled Temperature Release The sintering platform is released once the chamber is cooled to a pre-set temperature. This feature ensures that the sintered zirconia is cooled in a controlled manner and is not subject to sudden temperature changes during cooling. The pre-set platform release can be adjusted to specific laboratory needs. Sintering Tray Cover The use of the alumina sintering tray cover is a primary factor for preventing occasional zirconia discoloring that may otherwise occur Each round 95 mm diameter tray can hold an average of...

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DuoTron PRO - 4

FeatUreS Speed, Accuracy & Versatility Mode & Indication Quick Mode Regular Mode Quick Mode: Single copings or small bridges (3to 4 unit briges) Regular Mode: Large bridge cases or briges cases with large pontics Full Contour Mode Full contour zirconia sintering at an increased Full Contour Quick Mode Expedited mode for single full contour (2.5 hours) Custom Mode Build your own sintering cycle to fulfill all your needs 1. Quick Mode - Single Case 2. FC Quick Mode - Single Full Contour

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DuoTron PRO - 5

FeatUreS Speed, Accuracy & Versatility Below is an example of a regular 8 hour sintering mode applicable to most brands of zirconia currently available on the market. Understanding the basic concepts of the graph will allow you to create any custom graph tailored to your needs for specific brands of zirconia. In addition, B&D Dental can provide preset modes for your particular brand of zirconia. - Example of regular 8 hour graph used by most brands of zirconia - Active sintering Holding minutes. During this period, most of the gases from the zirconia binder and/or color liquids are T 2 :...

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DuoTron PRO - 6

Application Speed, Accuracy & Versatility

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DuoTron PRO - 7

ORIGIN® LIVE™ PIUS Zirconia Color Liquid Components Product Image Slightly light) Slightly light in chroma Full Contour restorations standard thickness. Creates the same shades each shade tab. Devel- oped for Full Contour Slightly strong) chroma intensity than shade tabs. Developed for usage with certain uniquely higher tempera- standard thickness reduced chroma effect occlusal ridges Chroma Inhibitor Creates balanced chroma pontics (large masses) that would otherwise be

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DuoTron PRO - 8

ORIGIN® LIVE™P/tvs Zirconia - 3 Different Color Liquid Chroma Levels for Full Contour Crowns Liquid Chroma Level 80 - Slightly lighter than body portion of shade tab ORIGIN LIVE Plus' AM ORIGIN LIVE Plus" A\fA ORIGIN LIVE Plus" *Jjjj ORIGIN LIVE Plus " 4 (j Full Contour Full Contour ffifl Full Contour ^gf Full Contour jSti Liquid Chroma Level 70 (Standard) - Same as body portion of shade tab ORIGIN LIVE Plus Full Contour ijfl Full Contour Liquid Chroma Level 60-Slightly stronger than body portion of shade tab CHROMA 1 CHROMA ) > CHROMA ORIGIN LIVE Plus" Ajd ORIGIN LIVE Plus" 4(4 „_ ORIGIN...

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DuoTron PRO - 9

Independent Tests Speed, Accuracy & Versatility Test Results Show that Zirconia Strength is the Same, if not Higher, for DuoTron™ Fast Sintering with Super Coil Technology We CAD designed 20 small zirconia plates using Solidworks software and produced STL files using proprietary CAM software to mill identical parts with evenly finished surfaces. They were 40mm long, 10mm wide, and 2mm thick. A total of 4 groups were prepared. Group A was sintered for 8 hours using a conventional coil type furnace (at 1,500 C). Group B and C were sintered using the DuoTron furnace for 8 hours (1,500 C) and 2...

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DuoTron PRO - 10

Educational Comparison Between Coil Heating & Microwave Heating Microwave heating is a proven technology in many industries as it increases speed and energy savings. However, when it comes to the dental industry, accuracy has proven to be an issue as demonstrated below. Tests, similar to the following, can be easily reproduced and verified by any lab. Generally, single crowns work fine for microwave sintering, but when it comes to any type of bridge cases, complete positive seating will be adversely effected. B & D Dental spent considerable effort on the development of a microwave sintering...

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DuoTron PRO - 11

Increased Energy (cost) Savings and Environmental Friendliness DuoTron sintering: 2kw X 2 hour = 4kw-h Conventional sintering: 5kw X 7 hour = 35kw-h DuoTron increases zirconia production speeds and decreases production costs DuoTron systems are more compact, requiring less equipment space Actual size Technical Info • Maximum Working Temp: 1,600" C (2,912 °F) • Electricity Power: 220 Volts ■ Capacity: Max 60 copings per cycle time (average 25 copings (single crowns) X 3 trays) • Outer diameter of the sintering tray: 95 mm. (innerdiameter:84mm) • Furnace chamber insulated with high-purity...

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DuoTron PRO - 12

U.S.A.-B&D Dental Corp e-mail: support@OriginCadCam.com Germany - White Peaks Dental e-mail: info@white-peaks-dental.com Turkey - Yenadent e-mail: info@yenadent.com ■ Japan-ATD Japan Tanaka e-mail: tanaka@atdjapan.co.jp Other countries: Please contact B&D Dental Corp for possible distributorship

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