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2015 Product Catalog A New Breed of Zirconia Replace Lithium Disilicate with the Ideal Translucency and Strength of Our New Zirconia (680 mpa) World's Only Caries Inhibiting & Remineralizing Crown F- (Hydroxyapatite) Ca++ (Fluorapatite) Ca++ Protection Zones ORIGIN Proteus 5x Milling Machine www.origincadcam.com support@origincadcam.com Updated - 04/14/15 800.255.2839 Toll Free 801.281.4012 Local 801.281.4022 Fax next generation dental scanner

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ORIGIN CAD/CAM - Product Catalog - 2

ORIGIN® Dental Milling Machines 4 ORIGIN® Milling Machine Comparison 6 Dental Scanner & Design Software 8 ORIGIN® DuoTron™ PRO FastZirconia Sintering 9 ORIGIN P1 Porcelain Furnace 9 ORIGIN® Beyond™ Zirconia 13 ORIGIN® LIVE™ MULTIZirconia 14 ORIGIN® LIVE™ Zirconia 15 Scan Abutment Kit & Individual Scan Bodies 17 Intelligence™ Titanium Custom Implant Abutments 18 Hybrid Zirconia Abutments 18 Nano Fine-diamond Burs 20 Burs & Milling Consumables 20 Precision Milling Center 21 Anterior Half Arch 22

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ORIGIN CAD/CAM - Product Catalog - 3

• Invented & Marketed • Strategic Focus Dental CAD/CAM Creation of ORIGIN® CAD/CAM System Artimax® Articulators #1 US Selling Product (Tray Type) ORIGIN® NobleTITAN™ Replace Noble & High-noble Alloys ORIGIN® Intelligence™ Dental Scanner ORIGIN® SmartCrown™ • Introduced • Introduced DuoTron™ Pro Fast Zirconia Sintering! Titanium & Hybrid Custom Implant Abutments High Definition Tooth Library • Introduced ORIGIN® LIVE™ High-Translucent Zirconia • Introduced ORIGIN® Chroma™ Zirconia Coloring Systems World's Only Caries Inhibiting & Remineralizing Crown www.SmartCrown.com ORIGIN® LIVE™ MULTI...

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ORIGIN CAD/CAM - Product Catalog - 4

• Support and training team dedicated to you • 2 year manufacturer warranty • Precision and Accuracy • Dependability • Low production Cost • Competitive price • Open system – 98mm disc freedom to choose the materials that will provide quality results • Backup assurance – A milling center to back you up in the event that your mill is temporarily down. • As fast as 10 minute per unit Zirconia milling • Quality internal components: including a Jager spindle with RPM up to 60k • Very small footprint with quiet operation • Quick start milling - Begin milling before the milling strategy is...

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ORIGIN CAD/CAM - Product Catalog - 5

ORIGIN® Milling Standard Machine Features • Equipped with AC servo motors and High Speed Control system for a focus on high production. • 5 axis simultaneous milling. • Based on it’s heavy design, there is no vibration during milling. • Utilizes the 3R System to mill implant abutment blanks with micron accuracy. • The machine can be integrated with any open scanning system. • Sister tool capability (can change worn tools with spare). • Can check tool length every 30 min and change broken tool. • Compact design for labs with limited space • 4 piece rollers for easy replacement. • Protection...

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ORIGIN CAD/CAM - Product Catalog - 6

ORIGIN Milling Machines Scanning Solutions Fast Zirconia Sintering Milling Machine Price System Price (Mill, Intelligences, DuoTron, Suction) Custom Abutments from Pre-milled Blanks Applications Zirconia, Wax, PMMA, Temp., Hybrid Abutment Implant Bars and Bridges Custom Abutments from Disc Specifications Spindle Power Spindle Drive Speed Belt Air/Coolant Recirculation Optimized Haas 20 Tool Holders (Carousel) Spindle Cooling Control Axis Axis Travels Automatic Tool Changer Wet/Dry # of Discs # of Ceramic Blocks # of Pre-milled Blanks Weight (Approx.) Dimensions ORIGIN Custom Implant...

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ORIGIN CAD/CAM - Product Catalog - 7

ORIGIN® Milling Join Our Growing Community Of Over 100 Proteus 5x Owners Worldwide! Don’t be fooled by its small footprint & exceptional price. This robust 5 axis mill tackles big jobs with state of the art manufacturing & cutting edge technology. Ready to mill - DRY: Zirconia, wax/PMMA WET: Implant Blanks, Titanium, CrCo * CAM Upgrade: Ceramic Blanks *Available for Additional Cost Simultaneous 5 Axis CAM Included The ORIGIN Proteus 4x Is Also Available For Only $33,500 Dry / $37,500 Wet Featuring A 2 Puck Holder Spindle Power Spindle Speed Axis Motors Introducing new compact electrical...

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ORIGIN CAD/CAM - Product Catalog - 8

Dental Scanner & Design Software 8 Introducing The ORIGIN IntelligenceHD • More precise - 2.0MP cameras (previously 1.3MP) • Fast and Reliable - USB 3.0 supported • Enhanced Articulator Compatibility - Bigger entrance-size ORIGIN IntelligenceHD - An Advanced CAD System For Dental Applications From work flow management to CAD construction and preparation of production, ORIGIN IntelligenceHD provides an integrated solution for dental technicians. The ORIGIN IntelligenceHD platform is known for its speedy operation and ease of use - helping you minimize training costs and maximize...

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ORIGIN CAD/CAM - Product Catalog - 9

Sintering Ovens Please Call For Pricing Stainless steel construction with multiple internal fans and uniquely designed air holes to maintain a low exterior temperature Accurate Temperature Control with MOSi2 Coil Furnace insulated with high-purity fiber insulation Stackable, up to three sintering trays Three tray capacity allows an average of 75 units to sinter in each cycle. Compact size provides a smaller footprint for valuable lab space Fully programmable & capable of creating custom cycles for different material needs • Increases zirconia production speeds and decreases costs • Cost...

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ORIGIN CAD/CAM - Product Catalog - 10

ORIGIN Inspection was specifically developed for the high quality standards demanded Benefits • Origin inspection was designed to measure the complex geometry • Quickly troubleshoot improper seating involved with dental restorations. • Quality Control what is coming out of your milling machine • Ease of use • Guarantee any outsourcing you provide 'With intuitive workflow. Origin Inspection will add speed and ■ Optimized for Dental accuracy to your quality control process. Verify the Accuracy of Your Milled File with the CAD File

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