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Join Our Growing Community Of Over 100 Proteus 5x Owners Worldwide! ORIGIN Proteus 5x - Options Don't be fooled by its small footprint & exceptional price. This robust simultaneous 5 axis mill tackles big jobs with state of the art manufacturing & cutting edge technology Ready to mill - DRY: Zirconia, wax/PMMA WET: Implant Blanks, Titanium, CrCo *CAM Upgrade: Ceramic Blocks Zirconia, Wax, PMMA, Pre-milled abutment, Titanium and CrCo C&B *Ceramic Blocks Available for Additional Cost*

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Introducing new compact electrical component design for easy part identification and diagnostics Clear cable labeling for easy recognition Uses high resolution servo motors Origin Proteus 5x spindle Phone used for scale Competing mill’s spindle Manufactured using exceptionally high flex rate motor encoder cable. Desina cable is the most trusted in CNC industry. *External spindle chiller allows this IMT© spindle to produce at 2.5 kW for use in milling metals like CoCr and Titanium high volume production. This upgrade uses liquid to cool the spindle, significantly reducing the CFM requirement...

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