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B&LBIOTECH EXCELLENCE B&L Biotech was established by several dentists. These dentists, who specialize in endodontics, share a common goal of providing and improving the quality of treatment and patient care with unprecedented innovation, excellence, quality, service, and product development. B&L is one of the fastest rising companies in the global dental community. B&L introduced the first cordless heated plugger system and gutta percha delivery system, known respectively as the B&L AlphaII and the B&L Beta. B&L offers many other innovative products including the patented micro-projection...

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Obturation Devices Ultrasonic Tips

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Cordless Obturation devices SuperEndo-α2 SuperEndo-β BL-S Kondenser Endodontic Ultrasonic Tip with Micro-projections BL Tip Endodontic Microsurgical Ultrasonic Tip with Micro-projections JETIP Removal of Broken Instruments / Troughing & Irrigation CK TIP Post Removal Tip VIBRAPOST Microsurgical Instruments JETIP Instrument Basic Set JETIP Instrument Suture Set Bendable Periosteal Elevator for Surgical Treatment KimTrac 17

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Cordless Obturation Device for Optimal Warm Vertical Condensation Maximizes user convenience Unique design that incorporates both cordless and ergonomic features. Great weight distribution for ease of use. No limit on usage, reduces fatigue on hand and wrist. Hexagonal keyholes Six keyholes (in increments of 60 degrees) on the connecting joint of the plugger safely secure and prevent rotation of the plugger during use. Extended battery time for operator 4 hours of continuous use on a single charge, which is equivalent to about 1 week of endodontic treatment in a busy practice. SuperEndo-α2...

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Wide variety to choose from : 13 items, including pluggers, spreaders, and a hot testing tip. SPRDN Spreader/N SPRDS Spreader/S Paper Point / GP Point Model Paper Point Item Code

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Unique design and engineering Incorporates 360 degree Swivel Needles, as well as cordless and ergonomic features, to maximize user convenience. Great weight distribution for ease of use No limit on usage, reduces fatigue on hand and wrist Secondary safety feature against accidental burns Thermal protector cap prevents accidental burns from a hot needle or gutta percha. Needles swivel for easy access Extended battery time for operator 4 hours of continual use on a single charge, which is equivalent to about 1 week of endodontic treatment in a busy practice. SuperEndo-β with needles....

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Needles for SuperEndo-β Item Code *Swivel only Item Code Needle Bender/Wrench : BMT Dr. Kyung Lee Accessories for SuperEndo-β Gutta Percha Pellet Gutta Percha Pellets for SuperEndo-β Item Code Soft Type Regular Type Hard Type

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Condensation of Obturation Material Wide variety BL-S Kondensers are available individually or in a full set of 4. Handles are color-coded by size allowing faster selection of the desired condenser. BL-S Kondensers are great for any type of canal anatomy. Multipurpose features The flexible end, which is made of nickel titanium, can be used for treatment in curved canals. The other end that is made of stainless steel, is ideal for compaction in the coronal and middle thirds of the canal. Lightweight design Handles are designed to fit comfortably into the natural grip of the user. Increased...

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Endodontic Ultrasonic Tip with Micro-projection BLTIP with Micro-projections Longevity and Safety with Micro-projections BL Tips have sharp abrasive micro-projections integrated onto the main Unlike conventional diamond coated endodontic tips, whose coating wears off during surgery, BLTips are more resilent and efficient in cutting Manageable Elimination with a Variety of Shapes and The ends of the BL Tips come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it convenient for the doctor to effectively control the amount of dentin lOOum Micro-projections: ideal for removing larger quantities of...

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Microsurgical Ultrasonic Tip with Micro-projection JT-2 series for Micro-Surgery (Anterior, Posterior) Bent Body Angle: 150° (All JT-2 series tips) JT-2B represents the popular bendable tip. This tip allows clinicians to bend the tip ONLY once in one direction to any length and/or angle to suit their clinical needs, using the JETip bending jig. JT-2S is bent 90° down at the tip of the bent body JT-2L is bent 90° to the left at the tip of the bent body JT-2R is bent 90° to the right at the tip of the bent body Bendable Apical Surgery Tips JETip is an apico surgery tip that allows clinicians...

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Removal of Broken Instruments / Troughing & Irrigation For ultrasonic energy in a root canal canal system through acoustic micro-streaming. Item Code SATELEC scaler CK2A CK TIP with CK TIP-Needle Troughing CK TIP with CK TIP-File Irrigation Bent Angle SATELEC scaler E-Type not available for sale in the US. CK Tip-File Irrigation File #20 Item Code Recommended Power Level Useful in removing dentin. (troughing) Isthmus control. Optimal use for CK TIP-File - 3mm above WL (Working Length) Before working with the Vibrapost, use the CK TIP-Needle to trough around VIBRAPOST The best choice for...

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Stainless Steel Tip Carbon Tip B&L IS Tip Reference : Hyon-Woo Seol, Seong-Joo Heo, "Effect of New Ultrasonic Tip on Several Dental Material Surface, The class of dental prosthesis", Dental school of Seoul National University The dependable choice for peri-implant tissue Why choose B&L's implant scaler tip? Metallic ultrasonic tip designed for scaling polished implant surfaces. Compatible with electric piezo unit. Optimal scaling efficiency with minimal abrasiveness to the external polished surface of the implant. Ideal periodontal management of implant. Safer and more efficient than other...

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Ultrasonic Tip Accessories Wrench for Ultrasonic Tips Jig for JETIP bendable type Item Code : JTBJ Clinical Cases Dr. Helmut Walsch BL TIP - Removal of Pulp stone Prof. Shin JETIP - Apicoectomy Dr. Marga Ree VIBRAPOST - Post Removal Dr. Carlos Saucedo

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