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Identify and fix patient safety issues from day one. LiveCapture Platform Functionality Universal Video The LiveCapture platform is 100% web-based and engineered to be IT and network friendly. LiveCapture was built from the ground up to provide a powerful event capture and debriefing tool that can be securely accessible anywhere in your hospital and on any device. This level of flexibility and versatility is unmatched in the industry. LiveCapture accepts inputs from virtually any medical device and supports the broadest range of camera inputs in the industry. This level of flexibility allows for extensive capture combinations of scopes, camera angles, patient monitors, ultrasounds, EMRs and more. In addition, capture can be temporary and portable or permanent and installed depending upon your hospital’s needs. Multi-angle video capture Capture multiple rooms simultaneously from several camera angles, surgical fields, first-person point-ofview Google Glass recordings, and medical devices for live streaming and post playback. Key Features and Benefits • Multi-angle video and medical device capture • Pre-built safety checklists and annotations • Network-based and no local software required • Control charts track progress automatically • Secure debrief anywhere in hospital • Significant ROI starting immediately • Auto recording and deletion options • Tested and proven by top hospitals Control chart reports Video delivers immediate increases in process adherence and improved patient safety, and enhanced team communication, patient satisfaction, and reimbursement rates. LiveCapture is a network-based solution for hospital quality improvement that significantly reduces costly errors while simultaneously improving efficiencies and reimbursement rates. The LiveCapture platform records live clinical events and offers secure streaming, monitoring, debriefing, and integrated checklists. LiveCapture comes pre-loaded with surgical, resuscitation, and hygiene safety checklists modeled after the World Health Organization’s recommendations that are completely customizable. Video-Driven Improvement Safety checklists included Integrated reporting tools include control charts for tracking overall and specific patient safety issues or process adherence over periods of time. Auto-record and delete options Video capture and deletion may be controlled manually, scheduled, or fully automated for 24/7 coverage. Videos can be deleted automatically based on your hospital’s policy. Proactive Support LiveCapture clients are served by a 100% Washington, D.C. based support team that helps produce our 98% client retention rate. We are committed to operational excellence and provide a unique proactive support approach; we constantly monitor the performance of our software at your center, and will notify you if any issues are identified. Our support team is available 24/7 for email support and from 9 AM - 5 AM EST, Monday through Friday for live phone support. What makes B-Line Medical a cut above the rest is the people who work for them. From the first day, B-Line Medical has been very attentive to our needs; their customer service is one of the best that I have had the pleasure to work with. Anthony K. Dancel Technical Direct

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Circle of Safety B-Line Medical’s vision is to reduce preventable medical errors by 50% by 2025 through the Circle of Safety™. This initiative will unify simulation, in situ, and in vivo education and clinical practice through a single video-driven platform. The combination of procedure recording, checklists, performance review, and feedback has not only led to measureable improvements in performance but also enhanced our auditing process. LiveCapture is a key element of our overall system. Dr. James Duncan Chief Quality and Safety Officer at Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology real clinical...

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