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SimCapture Node

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SimCapture Node Ideal for Simulation Bays and Rooms • Small profile for discrete in-room Installation • Instant debriefing and analysis • Simulated and real medical device capture • Data integration with all major patient simulators • Integrates with existing SimCapture units • Video annotations and checklists • Participant portfolios and reports Whether you're building a new center, need to expand an existing one, or are in need of an affordable infrastructure revamp, SimCapture Node is an ideal solution. SimCapture Node is a remarkably compact and comprehensive solution that can be installed virtually anywhere. Node can be installed in hours rather than days with no modifications to your room's walls or ceiling. Multiple camera feeds are synchronized with the patient monitor and simulator data to provide the comprehensive view of simulations that is needed for meaningful debriefing and learning. Node supports IP cameras and webcams for a variety of affordable audiovisual infrastructure options and automatic cloud centralization as an easy backup solution. B-LINE MEDICAL* ©2017 B-Line Medical, LLC an Atellis® company. All rights reserved. Patented technology.

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SimCapture Node Ideal for Simulation Bays and Rooms ACTUAL SIZE Visit today for more information or call 1.888.228.3838 x1 to schedule a free demo.

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