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A scalable platform to manage healthcare simulation. SimCapture’s Scalable Platform SimCapture Tiers SimCapture Options The SimCapture platform is 100% web-based and engineered to be IT and network friendly. SimCapture was built from the ground up to provide a powerful tool that can be securely accessible from anywhere and on any device. This level of flexibility and versatility is unmatched in the medical simulation industry. SimCapture Essential LDAP Authentication (optional) Provides a range of functionality and is for centers that focus on recording and debriefing. This product includes the ability to annotate, run basic reports, and manage user portfolios / permissions. Allows users to access the SimCapture platform using their institution’s existing login credentials. This optional add-on automatically updates with any changes made to the institution’s system and provides a high level of security SimCapture Enterprise Video Capture and Distribution Curriculum and User Management • Browser-based and cloud / network accessible • Manage and administer instructional content • Record and stream video and medical device data • Web-based and collaborative evaluation builder • Live and post scenario review from anywhere • Create, filter, re-calculate and release reports • Automated video capture and management • Automated user portfolio assembly and tracking • HD video and audio linked to participants • Customizable user roles and permissions • Pre-defined and free text annotations • Multi-department and organization support Video-Driven Improvement B-Line Medical, the first to bring web-based video capture and debriefing to the industry, has been continuously innovating to provide the most flexible and intuitive simulation management platform to healthcare education. SimCapture enhances and automates simulations and OSCE management by seamlessly combining high quality video capture, simulator data integration, debriefing and assessment, and robust reporting. Installed in over 450 healthcare institutions in 23 countries, SimCapture has been advancing simulation in healthcare for over a decade. Operations Management • Streamline the setup and management of OSCE • Scheduling, self-enrollment and notifications • Multi-section management • Inventory management • Center asset and conflict management • Multi-angle video and medical device capture • Streamlined setup and management of OSCEs • Cloud-based - debrief from anywhere, at any time • Universal video support - web, wireless, IP, HD • Integrate data from any simulator • Enterprise-level - customizable roles and security • Outlook and Google Calendar integration • Advanced search and data mining capabilities For centers that, in addition to recording and debriefing, create and assign evaluations, run reports based on this data, build curricula, and also have robust scheduling capabilities. This product also allows for resource and inventory management. SimCapture Enterprise+ For centers that are managing OSCEs, require an exam flow, or would like to start recording multiple rooms from a central location. Enterprise+ provides our highest level of functionality and helps to efficiently manage a large center. Cloud Distribution (optional) Enables clients to back up their videos directly to the cloud in real-time, and to have immediate access to stream videos for debriefing. To maximize the debriefing experience, the Cloud feature automatically identifies whether local

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Universal Video SimCapture accepts inputs from virtually any medical device and supports the broadest range of camera inputs in the industry. This level of flexibility allows for extensive capture combinations of camera angles, scopes, patient monitors, ultrasounds, EMRs and more. In addition, capture can be temporary and portable or permanent and installed depending upon your simulation center’s needs. SimCapture has afforded us the ability to capture not only the simulation experience but the finite details needed to improve both human and system process. It’s a helpful tool in improving...

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