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B Medical Systems Laboratory Freezers

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Laboratory Freezers B Medical Systems | F Range Laboratory Freezers are devices intended for the storage of laboratory products, samples, test materials, chemicals or reagents at temperatures below -20°C. Compliant to DIN 13221 I Medical Device Class I according to MDD 93/42/EEC fi    fi 0 sn TEMPERATURE    VOLUME    CLASS SAVING LIVES THROUGH RELIABLE AND INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY Medical Refrigeration

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MEDICAL REFRIGERATION F RANGE | Laboratory Freezers Safety Standards B Medical Systems The Safety Standards developed by B Medical Systems define certain significant technical features of a product. These ensure the safe storage of the preparations as well as setting the highest standards of safety for the user. PRECISION LINE PREMIUM LINE B Medical Systems Electronics B Medical Systems digital display B Medical Systems 7’’ full touchscreen display Safety door lock (with 2 keys) and key-operated power switch ON/OFF (with 2 keys) Power indicator light and digital temperature indicator...

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B Medical Systems | F Range B Medical Systems | F Range Laboratory Freezers Freezers areintendedintended for Laboratory are devices devices for the storage of laboratory products, samples, samples, test the storage of laboratory products, test materials, chemicals or reagents reagents at temperatures materials, chemicals or at temperatures below -20°C developed as a result of over of over below -20°C developed as a result 35 years of expertiseexpertise in refrigeration technology. 35 years of in refrigeration technology. MEDICAL REFRIGERATION F RANGE | Laboratory Freezers Laboratory...

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MEDICAL REFRIGERATION F RANGE | Laboratory Freezers Technical Data General features F130 B Medical Systems | Medical Refrigeration All values were measured at +25°C ambient temperature and without load (with inertial mass). Subject to change without prior notice. Some of the accessories shown in the pictures are optional.

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Technical Data Specifications MEDICAL REFRIGERATION F RANGE | Laboratory Freezers F130    F290-380 Regulation sensor Precision (from -80°C to +180°C) ± 0.3°C Subject to change without prior notice.

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SEPARATE INTERIOR DOORS Digital display    Q    Q    Q    -    -    -    - 7" full touchscreen display    -    -    -    0    9    0    0 Ergonomic handle open/close - heavy duty door lock mechanism Separate interior doors in order to minimize the loss of cold air °B Connected - Monitoring Software DCU - Data Communication Unit (in combination with °B Connected) Ethernet interface Temperature chart recorder pre mounted (in the form of a circular chart recorder) Ambient temperature sensor Potential-free alarm contact in case of system failure Integrated port for external sensor (installed by...

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2 versions: • with or without Front Cover • bottom WIRE SHELF (STAINLESS STEEL) internal storage Standard MEDICAL REFRIGERATION F RANGE | Laboratory Freezers Drawer with Front Cover Drawer without Front Cover Bottom Drawer Wire Shelf ST-Drawer with Front Cover ST-Drawer without Front Cover ST-Shelf Dividers Set (H100 mm) to facilitate the handling and storage management S-Rack (H100 x W113 x D 638 mm) with Wire Shelf ST-Rack (H 95 x w 134    with ST-Drawer with ST-Shelf Q <    2    (max.    per tray)    Q <    3    (max. per tray)    Q    <    3 (max.    per...

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Full functionalities at a glance B Medical Systems | Electronics PRECISION LINE | Multifunctional electronics with digital display and easy access, in the door handle; compatible with °B Connected monitored solution. Key power switch O = OFF / I = ON Function buttons °B CONNECTED, DCU & ELECTRONICS For optimum control and protection of your preparations • UP / DOWN buttons: navigation within the parameters and modification of their values • After the self-check, the temperature inside the device is displayed B MEDICAL SYSTEMS ELECTRONICS Full functionalities at a glance • To switch the unit...

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The new B Medical Systems Electronics offers a wide range of adjustment and diagnostic facilities as well as additional protection / warning operations (via external alarm operations, histories and individual display signals). PREMIUM LINE | Multi-function electronics with 7’’ full touchscreen display, integrated at optimal level in the door handle with pre-installed connection allowing exclusive °B Connected monitoring functionalities. Acoustic and visual alarm signal • To switch on press the ON/OFF button for 1 second. The green LED will light up When an alarm occurs, the red alarm...

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Optimum control and protection B Medical Systems | °B Connected & DCU °B CONNECTED & DCU For optimum control and protection of your preparations °B CoNNECtEd | MoNItoRING SoFtWARE Universal software for the monitoring of refrigeration devices, including the acquisition, recording and visualization of temperature data. • Unique monitoring software for the full range of Blood Management Solutions and Medical Refrigeration products • Web-based interfaces for computers and mobile devices • Modern design for simple and intuitive use • Graphic display of temperature curves • Integrated event and...

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°B Connected & DCU offer a highly flexible system that is adaptable to specific customer requirements > Complete & legally safe documentation of temperature data > Comprehensive applications and diagnostic possibilities dCU | dAtA CoMMUNICAtIoN UNIt (PRECISION LINE) Hardware module monitoring all operating conditions and passing them through to a central database – via local network. REAL TIME GRAPHICS INTERACTIVE ANALYSIS • Graphic temperature progress (in real time) • Adjustable time axis • Offline navigation • No limitation in terms of time range • Freely scalable • Detailed information...

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