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Contact Shock Freezers B Medical Systems | CSF Range Contact shock freezers are devices intended for the quick-freezing and subsequent temporary storage of blood plasma or biological samples to a core temperature below -30°C within less than one hour. SAVING LIVES THROUGH RELIABLE AND INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY Compliant to Medical Device Class IIa according to MDD 93/42/EEC Blood Management Solutions

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BLOOD MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS CSF RANGE | Contact Shock Freezers Safety Standards B Medical SystemsThe Safety Standards developed by B Medical Systems define certain significant technical features of a product. These ensure the safe storage of the preparations as well as setting the highest standards of safety for the user. CSF RANGE B Medical Systems | Blood Management Solutions Subject to change without prior notice.

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B Medical Systems | CSFCSF Range B Medical Systems | Range 2 models2 models temperature -30°C • Climate class SN class SN • Compliant93/42/EEC, Class IIa Class IIa • Set • Set temperature -30°C • Climate • Compliant to MDD to MDD 93/42/EEC, In conformity with national and international guidelines, regulations for Medical Devices offering reliability, efficiency and safety at an optimal price. Fastest contact shock shock Fastest contact freezers worldwide freezers worldwide Our contact shock freezers provide the shortest shortest Our contact shock freezers provide the freezing cycle on core...

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BLOOD MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS CSF RANGE | Contact Shock Freezers Technical Data General features CSF61L CSF101 L Freezing capacity (plasma bags) Single layer Double layer Freezing time to core temperature of -30oC at +25°C ambient temperature (in single layer) Operating temperature Freezing (preset) Eco-mode OPTIMIZED CONTACT FREEZING • Levels operate independently, allowing simultaneous freezing and defrosting as necessary • Inclined plates at 5° ensure full contact with plasma and minimizes effect of air trapped in bags negatively influencing repeatibility of freezing cycle...

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Technical Data Specifications CSF61L CSF101L Control/display sensor (4 sensors per device) Precision (from -80°C to +180°C) ± 0.3°C Casing insulation (polyurethane) European Medical Device Directive Subject to change without prior notice. Some of the accessories shown in the pictures are optional. EXAMPLE OF "FREEZING CYCLE ON CORE TEMPERATURE OF -30°C" SAVING LIVES THROUGH RELIABLE AND INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY BLOOD MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS CSF RANGE | Contact Shock Freezers

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BLOOD MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS CSF RANGE | Contact Shock Freezers BARCODE READER B Medical Systems Electronics 7” full touchscreen display Internal LED lighting GMP - Clean room classification °B Connected - Monitoring Software Ethernet interface/interface card Ambient temperature sensor Potential-free contact in case of system failure Eco-mode (interim storage temperature of -37°C) Dummy / reference bag port for accompanying core temperature readings during the freezing process EXTERNAL * AIR COOLING Dummy /reference bag with sensor & cable Dummy / reference bag Transport carrier |...

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Full functionalities at a glance B Medical Systems | Electronics The new B Medical Systems Electronics offers a wide range of adjustment and diagnostic facilities as well as additional protection / warning operations (via external alarm operations, histories and individual display signals). Multi-function electronics with 7’’ full touchscreen display, located at eye level with pre-installed connection allowing exclusive °B Connected monitoring functionalities for a complete traceability of frozen bags. Acoustic and visual alarm signal • Turn main switch to ON position, the controller will...

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Optimum control and protection B Medical Systems | °B Connected & DCU °B CONNECTED For optimum control and protection of your preparations °B CoNNECtEd | MoNItoRING SoFtWARE Universal software for the monitoring of refrigeration devices, including the acquisition, recording and visualization of temperature data. • Unique monitoring software for the full range of Blood Management Solutions and Medical Refrigeration products • Web-based interfaces for computers and mobile devices • Modern design for simple and intuitive use • Graphic display of temperature curves • Integrated event and...

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offer a highly highly flexible system adaptable to specific customer requirements °B Connected & DCU offer a flexible system that is that is adaptable to specific customer requirements > Complete & legally safe documentation of temperature data > Comprehensive applications and diagnostic possibilities dCU | dAtA CoMMUNICAtIoN UNIt (PRECISION LINE) Hardware module monitoring all operating conditions and passing them through to a central database – via local network. REAL TIME GRAPHICS INTERACTIVE ANALYSIS • Graphic temperature progress (in real time) • Adjustable time axis • Offline...

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Blood Management Solutions Safe global blood management: from collection to transfusion, transportation, processing and storage Vaccine Cold Chain Medical Refrigeration Reliable solutions for safe vaccination around the world State-of-the-art technology for the exacting needs of the medical world After Sales support and service We strive to provide you with the highest standards of service; not only through our selected distributors and partners for all your maintenance and service but also our second line trouble shooting and after sales service. This Factory based group of engineers is...

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