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SAVING LIVES THROUGH RELIABLE AND INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY Blood Management Solutions - Cold Chain - Medical Refrigeration

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For over 35 years, we’ve been innovating and creating technologies that save lives across the globe. UNDERSTANDING THE NEEDS OF MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS REQUIRES A CONSTANT DIALOGUE. The medical challenges our partners and clients face on the ground can be overwhelming. By continuously engaging with them and gathering insights through dialogue and exchange, we are able to understand their evolving needs. As a key global player in the sector of medical technology, B Medical Systems is committed to delivering highly specialized and cutting-edge devices that always exceed expectations. DESIGNING...

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We deliver superior solutions for our customers through an extensive worldwide network of trained staff, outstanding customer service and after-sales support. We are committed to exploring new technologies and making our solution portfolio more diverse. We are a flexible, innovative and customer-oriented company, recognized by the medical world for the excellence and performance of our solutions. We take pride in our history of close cooperation with prestigious organizations and companies, including international health organizations such as the Red Cross, aid agencies and governments. We...

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Blood Management SolutionsSafe global blood management: from collection to transfusion, transportation, processing and storage B Medical Systems is a renowned expert in blood safety and management. Our reliable blood cold chain strictly observes international standards and World Health Organization recommended specifications. We keep blood safe through temperature-controlled transportation, processing and storage solutions. Additionally B Medical Systems offers innovative solutions for blood and derivatives treatment. These include a new Contact Shock Freezer that delivers optimized...

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COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY FROM DONOR TO RECIPIENT In order to meet the specific management and traceability needs of the blood transfusion process, B Medical Systems has developed the 2BH-RFID solution – allowing optimized tracking of blood bag information via Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. As part of the identification process during the preparation stage, an RFID chip is fixed on to each blood bag. When an order comes in from a healthcare establishment, the distribution operator selects the bags and encodes each bag’s RFID chip with its destination. The blood donation...

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Cold Chain Reliable and innovative solutions for safe vaccination around the world B Medical Systems is a leading manufacturer of cold chain equipment for large-scale programmes in emerging markets. We work closely with public health agencies, national governments and multilateral organizations to support the success of their vaccination campaigns. OUR SOLUTIONS FOR AN EFFICIENT COLD CHAIN INCLUDE: • olar Direct Drive vaccine refrigerators that work straight S from solar panels, without the need for batteries or regulators. • ompression ice-lined refrigerators and freezers for use C in...

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Medical Refrigeration State-of-the-art technology for the exacting needs of the medical world B Medical Systems provides solutions for the safe and risk-free storage, transport and handling of products and temperature-sensitive preparations in appropriate conditions. Our state-of-the-art technology covers the entire spectrum of the specific, exacting demands of the market – across hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, research centres, universities and industry. THE MOST SUSTAINABLE COOLING TECHNOLOGY We have developed a range of highly efficient and low-noise appliances using...

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SAVING LIVES THROUGH RELIABLE AND INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY B Medical Systems (formerly Dometic Medical Systems) has more than 35 years’ experience in the medical refrigeration sector. The company, formerly known as Electrolux Medical Systems, was founded in 1979 when the World Health Organization approached Electrolux in Vianden, Luxembourg, to create a solution for the safe storage and transport of vaccines around the world. In 2001, Electrolux Medical Systems became part of the Dometic Group, and was renamed Dometic Medical Systems. Having established a legitimate reputation in the medical...

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