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Biological Safety Cabinet C l a s s I I B 2

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Biological Safety Cabinet Class II B2 B-SAFE Serie

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• Constant measuring airflo w velocities for safety • Alert the user if airflow is insufficient Test Entry for D.O.P. • The Cabinet has test entry for D.O.P. (Dispersed OH Particulate) /DEHS. • Robust Cabinet construction • External material are powder coated gaivenized steel • Internal material are stainless steel AiSi 304 • 2 factory installed UV Lamps • Each UV light has a lifespan of approx. 3000 hours • Motorized front sash • Safety switch • Adjustable height • Preset working position 18 mm according to EN 12469 • Front and side windows for more natural light • Front and side windows...

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• RS232 Serial interface port sends operational information to Building Management System (BMS) • H14 filters with effiency of 99,995 % MPPS • Creates ISO CLASS 3 air clean work zone instead of ISO CLASS 5 according to EN ISO 14644-1 • A design that provides an easy procudere for filter replacement • Optional ULPA U 15 filter with effiency of 99,9999 % MPPS • Displayes all safety information • Angled downwards for easy viewing and reach • Starts at automatic mode downflow 0,45 m/sec. • Brighter than Fluorecent light • Last 4 times longer than flourecent light • Energy efficent S h u ko O u...

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The cabinet air filtration system Air from the ambient room is pulled through the front grill without entering the work surface, to prevent containment of the work surface and the product. This inflow air does not mix with the clean downflow air within the work zone. Air from the ambient room is taken through a pre-filter at the top of the cabinet. The air then passes through the downflow H14 filter, entering the work zone as laminar air flow. The homogeneous, nonturbulent air flow protects against cross contamination within and throughout the work area. Near the work surface, the downflow...

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Design Construction • Humidity and °C degrees Indicator • Shows downflow and exhaust flow • Working period mode • UV Lifetime indicator • HEPA filter penetration rate % indicates the percentage of permeability rate of Hepa 14 filter. • Display settings • Door settings • Time and Date • High quality material • Solid construction • Designed in complaince to EN 12469 • Designed and manufactured in Denmark 3 working Modes + Eco Mode • P1 Mode with a Downflow 0,33 m/sec • P2 Mode with a Downflow 0,40 m/sec • P3 Mode With a Downflow 0,45 m/sec • ECO Mode With a Downflow 0,25 m/sec Safety...

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Performance Testing at B Science Every biological safety cabinet (B-safe Line) manufactured by B Science are individually tested, documented with a serial number and validated with the following test methods according to EN 12469. Downflow Velocity Profile Test Inflow Velocity Test Airflow Smoke Patterns HEPA Filter Leak Test Vibration Test Noise Level Test Lighting Intensity Test

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Bavnevej 10 6580 Vamdrup Denmark Danish Manufacture of Lab Equipment

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