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At B Science Global, we value innovation very highly which is one of the reason why most of our staff have an engineering back ground. We aim to be the most innovative lab equipment manufacture in the world that understand the needs and can see the upcoming needs in the market as well. For B Science it is crucial to have a very high level of smart thinking in all our products. The motto of B Science Global R&D department is "if you can think it, we can make it" Being partner with B Science Global you can depend on us being a company that is "MADE IN DENMARK". Our Biological Safety Cabinets,...

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Qualification and Validation in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) GMP is of the highest priority for our company and every employee of B Science Global. It is the optimal way that we can ensure our self, our partners, and user of our equipment that each single component used in every single equipment we produce, has the highest quality consistency that can be validated and traced back at all time. Our key focus helps us throughout our whole supply chain, to optimize and continually analyzing every aspect of our company and processes. In this way B Science Global B-SAFE LINE...

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Construction design √ External material is powder coated √ Creates ISO CLASS 3 air clean work zone instead of √ Robust Cabinet construction galvanized steel √ Internal material is glass walls with led light and a stainless steel sink in the bottom of the cabinet √ H14 filters with efficiency of 99,995 % MPPS √ Brighter than fluorescent light √ Last 4 times longer than fluorescent light √ Energy efficient Shuko Outlets √ 2 Factory installed shuko outlets with Controller with Touch Screen display √ Displays all safety information √ User friendly Intergrated Ozone Generator √ Intergrated ozone...

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Airflow Sensor Motorized front window √ Constant measuring airflow velocities for safety √ Motorized front sash √ Pre-set working position 20 √ Alert the user if airflow is insufficient Easy to clean √ All the inner walls are made off glass easy to clean a stainless steel sink with round corners that makes it easy to clean √ Front window flippable for easy cleaning Work trays √ Multi piece work tray √ Easy to lift and clean Y BIO SAFETY CABINET WORLD Performance Testing at B Science Every biological safety cabinet (B-safe Line) manufactured by B Science are individually tested, documented...

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Working space (mm) Width 840 1140 1440 1740 Outer dimension (mm) Width 900 1200 1500 1800 Technical details V Manual adjustable base stand V 2 intergrated sockets V Intergrated ozone generator for V Electrical front window with V Armrest V Multi piece table top cleaning mode V Constant measurement of the V Smooth touch screen V 5 mode that includes one eco V Electrical adjustable base stand V Exhaust fitting connection V valves

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General Data Inner Material Data Workplates Side & back walles Stainless steel in Multi pieces Stainless steel in one piece with round corners 6 mm tempered white frosted glass Exterior Material Data Construction White powder coated galvanized material steel Front window Motorized front window made of 6 mm tempered glass Base Stand Manual Adjustable base stand / Optional Electrical Base stand Air Flow sensor Constant measuring airflow velocities for safety Filter change Motorized no tools required DIsplay 7 Inch touch screen (0,25 m/sek - 0,45 m/sek) Light 0 - 4000 lux Intergrated Ozone...

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GUARDIANS OF YOUR SAMPLES CONTACT Bavnevej 10 6580 Vamdrup Denmark +45 287 287 62

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