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Mobile Air Sterilizer

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Mo b i l e A i r St e r i l i z e r B Sciences Mobile Air Sterilizer device - works as a stand alone plug and play system - it has a complied sterilizer and a negative ion generator. One of the greatest specification of the device is its ability to absorbing the pathogens and harmful gases in the air while destorying bacteria, viruses, funges, molds and spores, etiological agents . This means that the unit actually decontaminates the area by generating photo catalysis reaction in its reactor. The B Mobile Air Sterilizer has powerful air absorption system which takes the air from the bottom...

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• Easy to service and maintain • All parts can be changes from the top • H13 filters with effiency of 99,95 % MPPS • A design that provides an easy procudere for filter replacement • Displayes all safety information • Acustic alarm • Password protected • 3 different working modes • Optional HEPA H14 filter with effiency of 99,995 % MPPS • 4 factory installed UV Lamps • 254 nm for each UV lamp • Each UV Lamp has a lifespan • Creates a negative pressure in the device and a positive pressure outside the device • Cartridge type pre-filter • Easy to changes • Generates negative ions and Ozone...

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The cabinet air filtration system B Sciences Mobile Air Sterilizer device works as a stand alone system. The Fan are creating a positive pressure outside the device and a negative pressure inside the device, the ambient air is pulled through the bottom of the device and then filtrated by the G4/EU4 pre-filter to reduce the ammount of particles in air. The pre-filtrated air then flows through the Pathogen Ion generator and UV-C lights, where it is affected by HV, Titanium Dioxide(TiO2), Silver Iodide(AgI), Copper Sulphate(CuS) covered Borosilicate glass tupes and short wage light source and...

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Design Construction • Displayes the operating mode • Shows if UV Lamps are turned On or Off • Shows if Ironizer are turned On or Off • UV Lifetime indicator • HEPA filter Lifetime indicator • Password protection • Plug and play • High quality material • Solid construction • External Material made of AISI 304 SS • Designed and manufactured in Denmark 3 working Modes • ECO Mode • Medium Mode • High Mode

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Test Procedure: Samples are put in Sabouraud dextrose agar Bezier box for count of 1 m3 volume bacteria in the air, the procedure are done with air sampling instrument, choc-o-late agar and mold counting. Samples have been taken before the Mobil Air Sterilizer has been swiched On. After the device has been swiched On, the samples has been taken in 2, 4, 6, 8 and 24 hour. After 72 hours incubition, the samples has been calculated and evalutated about 1 m3 volume bacteria in the air amendment rates of micro organism number as following: CHART 1: Regarding device working time, reduction of...

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS MODEL TYPE * Transport height are below 2000mm We reserve the right to change specifications without notice. Subject to confirmation, availability and errors.

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Bavnevej 10 6580 Vamdrup Denmark Danish Manufacture of Lab Equipment

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