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L o w Te m p e r a t u r e H 2 O 2 P l a s m a S t e r i l i z e r With Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide

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PLAZSTER LINE Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 Plasma Sterilizer Once again B SCIENCE GLOBAL has raised the bargain and offers you state of the Art within Low Temperature H2O2 Plasma Sterilizer. The engineering has looked in to every aspect of the process - from each manufacturing part – to the user – to the servicing level. In every step you will find high level of engineering thoughts. Being the Low Temperature H2O2 Plasma Sterilizer in the world covering most application needs, you will find that Our Low Temperature H2O2 Plasma Sterilizer has the lowest cost of ownership for sterilizing heat &...

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Display Design Construction • Humidity and °C degrees Indicator • Shows cycle process and at what stage the cycle is at • Chamber temperature • Air pressure • Daily cycles and total cycles • Catridge indicator • Display settings • Time and Date • Door control and many more.. • Non-toxic recidue • Plug and Play - low electricity concumption and no water consumption • After a sterilization process the sterilant residue result in water and oxygen • High quality material • Solid construction • Designed and certified according to MDD 93/42/EEC CLASS IIB • Designed and manufactured in Denmark

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• Displayes all safety information • Placed in the middle for easy viewing and reach • Display runing cycle • Shows how much sulotions if left Catridge Input • Catridge are placed in a closed containment area • One Catridge last for minimun 5 sterilization cycles Single Door / Optional Double Door • Single door • Door safety sensor • Optional Double Door - double door will have same funktions - display - emergency - thermal printer - USB port - Foot panel Catridge upload is only on one side • Robust Cabinet construction • External material are Durable Lifelong Stainless Steel Chassis 316L •...

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• Download memorized information • Upload program updates • Intergrated thermal printer illustrates cycle information, error message and sterilization Stop/Star t/Emergency botton • RS232 Serial interface port sends operational information to Building Management System (BMS) • Service and maintaines access from both sides • Plug and play • No installation needed • Automatic sliding door with build in foor panel for hands-free door operation • Wheel system - lockable • Easy t

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Sterilization cycle Process Heating Stage: Sufficient temperature is reached at this stage ( 37-55 C° ). Leakage Test Stage: After reaching the adequate vacuum degree, chamber is tested for any leakage failure. PlazSter Plasma Occurance: To reinforce the power of sterilant, PlazSter Plasma occurs and reaching any edge of the materials fulfilled. Aeration Stage: System gets ready for the second sterilization process. Second Sterilization Stage: Vaporized H2O2 sterilant is being taken into chamber and penetration launches. Aeration Stage: Before introducing H2O2 sterilant, air inside of the...

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Be sure that your instrument been 100% penetrated Chemical Indicators Chemical indicators are to be used in each packed item, to make sure the sterilization has been performed and that the peroxide was in contact with the loaded packages. Biological Indicators Biological indicators show sterilization to see, if the sterilizer has terminated the micro-organisms. This is mostly used according to requirements from user policy and require an incubator to see the termination of micro-organisms. • B Science strives to provide sterilizers that ensure safety for patients, staff, and the...

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PlazSter is able to sterilize the heat and moisture sensitive surgical, plastic, organic, electromechanical tools. Here is some of the examples as a reference: Rigid Endoscopes Laryngoscope Arthroscopes Laparoscopes Trocar Cannula Trocar Sheaths Resectoscope Similar Flexible Endoscopes Bronchoscope Ureteroscope Hysteroscope Cystoscope Choledochoscope Similar Implants Defibrillator Paddles Electrocautery Instruments Esophageal Dilators Cryo-probes Dopplers Cranial Pressure Transducer Cables Cranial Pressure Transducer Cables Endoscopic Instruments Fiberoptic Light Cables Laser Hand...

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS MODEL TYPE * Transport height are below 2000mm We reserve the right to change specifications without notice. Subject to confirmation, availability and errors.

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Bavnevej 10 6580 Vamdrup Denmark Danish Manufacture of Lab Equipment

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