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Who is Keeogo™ for? Keeogo™’s intended use is to provide support in ambulation for those living with weakness, pain, and decreased muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance due to illness or injury. PATIENT: PATIENT POPULATIONS WHO MAY BENEFIT FROM KEEOGO™ INCLUDE, BUT ARE NOT LIMIT TO: What is Keeogo™? Keeogo is a smart motorized orthosis used primarily to address orthopedic and neurological conditions. > Assistance with knee flexion in swing phase of gait > Assistance with knee extension in swing phase of gait > Assistance with eccentric knee control in weight bearing > Assistance with knee extension in weight bearing “Dermoskeleton” is a sub-class of exoskeleton, and is a low-profile, innovative, and user-initiated device different from existing exoskeletons. Keeogo™ does not attempt to move through a predetermined pattern of movement, but rather integrates seamlessly with movements initiated by the user herself, and provides assistance based on the detec

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User initiates movements Orthotic Structure Proprietary Dermoskeleton™ Technology Improved mobility, capacity, intensity Sensors detect users’ change in position starting at the hip and knee Knee Motors Knee motors activate to provide support Keeogo™ for Clinical Practice Ability to perform and complete more types of exercises, increase exercise volume and capacity, and improve quality of movement. > Provide strength and support to facilitate exercise > Enable even steps to enhance gait training > Improve capacity for walking, and high intensity/complex tasks > Decrease compensatory...

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