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Keeogo™ is a Dermoskeleton technology, a sub-class of exoskeleton, and is a lowprofile, innovative, and user-initiated device different from existing exoskeletons. The Keeogo™ device is composed of two orthotic structures (one for each leg), each including a powered knee joint and a passive hip joint, plus a detachable waist belt. The orthotic device is connected via the belt and permanently attached to a glute strap. Detects & Assists Walking Sit-to-stand & stand -to-sit Squatting, Kneeling Ascent and decent of stairs Control Unit Orthotic Structure Includes metal frame in 7075-T6 Aluminum and supporting shell in carbon fiber

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6 waist belts and 12 soft-parts allow the orthotic structure adapt to a range of sizes in lower limbs. PARTS Femur length Upper thigh circumference Lower thigh circumference Calf circumference Ankle circumference Tibia length Keeogo Suit · · · · · · · · A standard Keeogo Suit includes the following: Lithium-ion battery 900 grams (2lbs) 1.5 hour battery life 1 hour charging time Tablet for Customizable Parameters · Operating on Android OS · 16 different configurable parameters · Set assistance for each side for both swing and stance phase (can be asymmetrically) · Alter ranges of motion of...

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