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B.A. International Endodontic Range BA Optima E+ Cordless Endodontic Unit

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Cordless Endodontic Unit BA Optima E+ BAE370R A dedicated cordless endodontic motor system with both reciprocation and rotary modes. Other features of the Optima E+ BAE370R Supplied with 20:1 head (BAE07): speed range 100-600RPM, torque: • Units can be used with all D-type files, including NiTi. • 7 memory programs (5 rotating, 2 reciprocating). • Simple control system, ergonomic and compact design for easy handling. BAE370R Cordless Endo Unit Cordless motor system with integrated contra-angle Reciprocation feature A feature used extensively in endodontics for many years, the...

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Dealer Name and Details: B.A. International, Unit 7-10, Kingsthorpe Business Centre, Studland Road, Kingsthorpe, Northampton NN2 6NE, England. +44 (0)1604 777 700 | | B.A. International reserve the right to correct clerical omissions and errors in this brochure. All pictures in this publication are for illustration purposes only. KAVO® and MULTIflex LUX® are registered trademarks of Kaltenbach and Voigt GmbH & Co., Germany. Sirona® is a registered trademark of Sirona Dental Systems GmbH, Germany. NSK® is a registered trademark of Nakanishi...

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