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baicare-thermal cycler - PCR system-FQ-8A


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baicare-thermal cycler  -  PCR system-FQ-8A - 1

8 15-25ul 3.2kg(3.8kg including power adapter) 25 cm* 19cm* 12cm Fully automatic PCR amplification and result print DEVICE PARAMETERS Sample throughput Reaction volume Weight Dimension Degree of automation TECHNICAL PARAMETERS Excitation light source Detection device Excitation wavelength Detection mode Number of fluorescence channels Supported fluorescence dye Maximum temperature change speed Temperature accuracy Sensitivity 4 sing-color high-efficiency LEDs Silicon photomultiplier tube 455-650nm/510-715nm Real-time scanning 4 channels FAM VIC/HEX/TET/JOE ROX/Texas Red CY5 8°C/sec ±0.3°C Able to detect in lowest 200 copies/ml

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