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MX-series - 2

FEATURES OF THE MX SERIES Powder paint 4 main colours, other colour options available • Anti-static paint available • Anti-static and anti-bacterial paints available Other available colours Cream I- Bright orange Blush pink Lavender I--Light blue ABS top surface Light, easy to clean. Push handle User friendly design, height adjustable, easy set up. Sliding table top extension Easy to use, space saving, max load 8kg Central lock secures all drawers Drawer specifications Divider system Clearly sorts and organises medicines 4 available cart heights: (w/o 5" Casters) Caster options Size: 5”...

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MX-series - 3

BAILIDA CRASH / EMERGENCY CARTS MX Emergency / Crash Carts were designed with input from emergency room professionals to deliver the ultimate in convenience and safety. These carts define a new standard of organization and function with specialised accessories for every emergency response. This series offers stable, smooth mobility and enhanced convenience with changeable accessories, as well as a breakaway lock for that little bit extra. STANDARD ACCESSORIES O IV pole 0 Defibrillator shelf 0 CPR board Q Oxygen tank holder © Sharps container set

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MX-series - 4

Tilt bin organisers Numerous multi-functional top shelf storage options attach to the bridge for quick access. Bulk storage bins - ANESTHESIA CARTS MX Anesthesia Carts were designed with a combination of functions and technology specific to the needs of the anesthesia department. This series offers a wide choice of accessories to personalise carts for every possible situation. The top narcotics drawer locks to ensure medications are secure at all times. O IV pole 0 Tilt bin organisers (S) © Tilt bin organisers (L) O Accessory bridge 0 Glove dispenser 0 Sharps container set Q Waste container...

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MX-series - 5

PROCEDURE CARTS MX Procedure Carts can be arranged to suit a multitude of medical departments & situations. Supply and storage Surgical Castings Dressings Airways Bio-medical IV Critical care Trauma Lab STANDARD ACCESSORIES mm inch mm inch mm inch O IV pole 0 Multi storage (L) 0 Waste container w/ lid Q Sharps container set Multi storage (L)

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MX-series - 6

ISOLATION CARTS MX Isolation Carts were designed with bright yellow drawers to alert staff and visitors. This series is available with non-locking drawers, central locking drawers, or individually locking drawers. Typical accessory options include deep drawers for bulky supplies (gowns, caps, gloves, etc.) and a built-in aluminium frame with yellow sign line.

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MX-series - 7

STORAGE CABINET With the top quality construction, the storage cabinet creates ideal workspace and solutions of secure storage to keep you organized. The mobile cart availability provides you the flexibility everywhere. Different accessory combinations can be selected and assembled. • Locking door keeps storage secure • Metal construction with durable powder coating • 4 aluminium frames • ABS top, pull-out work table, push handle • Central key lock design • One adjustable layer inside • Standard 5” iron casters (2 w/ brake, I free, I w/ direction control)

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MX-series - 8

Features • ABS top w/ sliding extension • 12” high drawer x 2 • Central lock and key • 5" TPR caster FILE CARTS MX File Carts were designed for efficient use. speedy delivery, and to fit different document sizes. Features • ABS top w/ sliding extension • 15" high door w/ handle • 10 wire dividers • I 2" high drawer • 5" TPR caster Divider MX3IFDT Drawer Divider level adjusts to fit different document sizes. Adjustable file holders can be set at different positions.

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MX-series - 9

DOUBLE MEDICAL CART This double medical carl provides large space for storage and organizes medicines easily and clearly. The key lock design secures all drawers. It also offers stable, smooth mobility and enhanced convenience with changeable accessories to meet your needs. VTB-2-DX (18 tilt bins (S)+1010.5mm roil(VPR-4)x2) «- If using the notebook, you can choose • Part no. VLN includes © + © + © • Part no. VVN includes o + o + o VBS-DX (Bulk storage bin x 9+one metal hanger +1010.5mm rail (VPR-4)xl) Features • Metal construction with powder coating • 4 aluminum frames • ABS top. pull-out...

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MX-series - 10

BAILIDA MED-BIN CARTS Med-bin carts with double-side bin drawers make the supply of medicines efficient and convenient. • Metal with powder coating • Each ABS bin can be pulled out individually from both sides • Central key lock at side to secure all bins and drawers • ABS bin no.: you can select 20/ 30/ 40 & 50 bins (double sides) • 5" steel casters (standard) (2 w/ brake, 1 w/direction control, 1 free) • Metal with powder coating • Central key lock at side to secure all drawers • Drawer combination: 3" drawer x I + 3” bin drawer x 2 + 3” drawer x I + 6" drawer x 1+9" drawer x I • Total 3"...

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MX-series - 11

ACCESSORY LIST NNNNN[ A P-AB Accessory bridge 800mm VTB-I Tilt bin organiser(L) 600x120x148mm VBS-I &VPR-I Bulk storage bins (L) & back rail 75 x 105 x 190mm VGD &VPR-I Glove dispenser & back rail 160 x 135 x 95mm VBH &VPR-I Bottle holder & back rail 355 x 95 x 80mm VGD&VPR-2 Glove dispenser & side rail 265x85x130mm VSC &VPR-2 Sharps container & side rail 105x130x215mm VBH &VPR-2 Bottle holder & side rail 315x110x75mm VMS &VPR-2 Multi-storage (L) & side rail 320x120x180mm VWC&VPR-2 Waste container w/ lid & side rail 255 x 170 x 315mm VWB &VPR-2 Waste bin & side rail 265 x 255 x 460mm...

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MX-series - 12

DIVIDER SYSTEM PACKAGE Fixed divider set 3” Individual divider 3" fixed divider set in drawer (3 x short + 3 x fixed + 2x3" strip) 3" fixed divider set (3 x short + 3 x fixed) 6" fixed divider set in drawer (2 x short + 2 x fixed + 2x6" strip) 6" fixed divider set (2 x short + 2 x fixed) Adjustable divider set (Length adjustable) 3" Short divider 368 x 51 mm Label holder 3" Adjustable divider 40 x 60 mm 237 x 51 mm 20 pcs/pack X-AD6 T clip 6" Adjustable divider 40 x 36 mm 3" adjustable divider set (3 x short + 6 x adjustable+ 6 xT clips) 6" adjustable divider set in drawer (3 x short + 4 x...

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