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Bard® Winged Infusion Set - 1

Ordering Information ffirocd wisifti Set: tngedKr Sflc rWi nghf -a^fc r«Konog node end j 8" COP-la FYC nfemn ert*a«n xfcre MT row- OC* ti»et « tt ca stt M ci*rp, mclots 3* OOf PV3 frt:*ebo*i e«rtttan sal wtn -nafe and tara* - L>*T ' lock JCftttfy slid* cUmp art <ed«n ate. irt: toes 3" lr«, WZ wkntam omcfl M viirmie and larak lor-iodt aocws rd chmp Statu win rrdai tub, Pat*aced sferi e. i&t<& XCfttO COBStt Bard Access Systems No one else offers you so many little ways to make such a big difference in your patients' lives. HIV evens mai sin havf m* bgpsi impact on your patients" lira a-e oten iittfe rrore ttan single tn lie s*me «yt ts :t« Nnte uwgs you GO can TO^& trij b W*a defence li tfie tea atnl your wt enis TKOTVO — a pttkfcopiTy 3LK Access Syacms is p ox! to sha*t. ^ the leader in Icng-lem Yiwjly atess praktes nol on*/ pre ard catheters with prowi fcpendwi rty. but also the b'oatal line compete Wingso W»lp jw; er ha:ije the qtu ity ol tyre yotf Datien^s r .v. Anl that's not atlt teau» your asso^aticn min Bx3 a so brines wih t a let 01 cixr Wlc extras that all aM up, i*t clinical sfljatkyi O Standardtfedaccesso'eslur enlui^cd conip>:ibi!ily wiVi al Bard vacuter axess pfOCuos O UftrotchKJ education opocrtu*ics for yxi end ycur paieils &ftJ*ft& as tie worids arges! TWittet ol rrplarlatle ports and Mrtrat wouscatfieters ^k^V Ai fijr J imwRHon (Mfates to be an lirfioti&i ^ w MTial degan with Hckcr^n* and Grc^iong* system with a permansrtfy attJCTcc r flM- angle ngn-corirg r « desired to Tela praver t acddantai J J scixir ecss. Oder Inpoftart dAwices m;Ju3e mateft ff« sire of ffie nwdle tc the sl?e 3l ne oat>cm V O Ftaible witi#> *tich idefibfy rtedie gauge and f» itaie sour* atttfimcnf cf StmpJIf ed ACCCM procedures Baid tans Spars nas rcccmrwoed 0, ct* r^s X make ccl arass eaw ttc wu — and Kaer cn Br; Saics PwsMrrar^s w rep vo- cuM^ce "tiO- WW stfu» rtri w Bfftff' fctaw Stf, ^Uf^ mir vtrrcd an hfrMn sie. Ife fwry Ke* f£rfTff .SfeWfccftfS st^:y «nsnc&:it c iw- SJkcnncreg.Ur^ &UnlesssM>itianilairwlagr«W A^faCkV r d a IG c*aij W h avo d W-^ ttinuge Heat)y f*o ftww dfteert ln||« ard i*c ^*abte b sat<s?> yt*r reccs rroM select-O" Sard Port Accessories Technical Specifications He^'Mty W :rr>oj*w 'clca" T<y^afAXCf*ffflf6X0* ou pfodtftt and serr ces can mate to rfcrts* please ccrus ><x* 6»d *kc«ss Syslm ftoresenitivt. a i*\ cu>« < Bard Access Systems

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