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MINIMIZE PICC/CVC CATHETER COMPLICATIONS MAXIMIZE PICC/CVC CATHETER PATIENT COMFORT Now it’s easier than ever to reap the clinical advantages of the StatLock® PICC/CVC Stabilization Device with the added benefit of dressing change components – all-in-one package – using StatLock® PICC/CVC Stabilization Device dressing change kits. StatLock® PICC/CVC Stabilization Device Deliver Proven Clinical Benefits The StatLock® PICC/CVC Stabilization Devices are proprietary, mechanical, IV catheter stabilization devices designed to minimize complications resulting from movement of a catheter and may...

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GuardIVa® Antimicrobial Hemostatic Dressing Hemostatic* In vivo animal testing showed that the GuardIVa® Dressing allowed wound healing in a manner more consistent with that of untreated wounds as compared to the Biopatch® dressing. * Gauze Dressing Blood Loss Reduction GuardIVa® Dressing The GuardIVa® Dressing is currently the ONLY antimicrobial dressing indicated for control of surface bleeding at percutaneous catheters & vasular acces sites. It contains M∙DOC™ (microdispersed oxidized cellulose), a proprietary compound designed to control bleeding.* In vitro testing demonstrated...

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GuardIVa® Dressing Indications for Use: The GuardIVa® Antimicrobial Hemostatic IV Dressing is intended for use as a hydrophillic wound dressing to absorb exudate, cover and protect catheter sites. Common applications include IV catheters, other intravenous catheters and percutaneous devices. It is also indicated for control of surface bleeding from percutaneous catheters and vascular access sites. Additional Information: The dressing is not clinically tested for its activity to reduce local infections, catheter related blood stream infections (CRBSI), and skin colonization of microorganisms...

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