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Friction. Speed. Efficacy. the Hubs? Advancing the Delivery of Health Care.*

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Indication for Use Site-Scrub* IPA Device is intended for use on injection ports and female luer hubs as a disinfecting cleaner. Site-Scrub* IPA device is designed to disinfect through a patent-pending friction scrub design. Warning: Do not use on devices that access the nervous system. Warning: Do not leave the Site-Scrub* IPA Device on a needleless injection cap or female luer hub after disinfecting. The results of in vitro antimicrobial efficacy testing showed that Site-Scrub* IPA device is effective for significantly reducing on average 99.999% (>5 Log10) microbial load of the following...

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See the Difference Alcohol pad vs. Site-Scrub*IPA Device Disinfection of female luer hubs and needleless injection caps using an alcohol wipe and Site-Scrub* IPA Device The Site-Scrub* IPA device was tested at an independent testing laboratory versus an alcohol prep pad in an in vitro antimicrobial efficacy assay for disinfecting female luer hubs. The Site-Scrub* IPA device reduced on average 99.999% (> 5 Log10) of the viable microbes from the female luer surfaces, compared to only 28% (0.14 Log10) on average reduced by the IPA wipe.2 The Site-Scrub* IPA Device demonstrated less variability...

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Site-Scrub* IPA Device helps you comply with the CDC Guidelines and INS Standards of Practice that recommend the use of a friction scrub to disinfect catheter hubs. “Minimize contamination risk by scrubbing the access port with an appropriate antiseptic (chlorhexidine, povidone iodine, an iodophor, or 70% alcohol) and accessing the port only with sterile devices.” “The nurse should disinfect the ports of the add-on device using friction, with an appropriate disinfectant such as 70% alcohol before accessing. Specific guidelines directing the appropriate technique, disinfectant, or amount of...

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