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Product catalog Insoles and shoes Taking the pressure off all aspects of life. Motion is Life:

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Bauerfeind products and health care concepts FOR BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical products, Bauerfeind AG has been making an important contribution toward maintaining and restoring health and improving well-being with its products and services for over 80 years – ensuring better quality of life. In the orthopedic orthosis segment, we set the standard with traditional products and innovative foot orthosis concepts, such as ErgoPad® or TRIactive®. Comfort shoes, therapeutic shoes and pressure relief orthoses round off the products on offer in our...

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BODYTRONIC® – measurement technology from Bauerfeind for precise analyses and medical aids with a perfect fit The Bauerfeind measurement technology enables users to ascertain precise body dimensions and load situations easily and precisely. This information can be used to make precise adjustments to compression stockings, supports, orthopedic orthoses and comfort shoes to guarantee their optimum effectiveness. Measurement area DIGITAL MEASUREMENT WITH BODYTRONIC® 600 The Bodytronic® 600 measurement system measures the legs up to the hip, as well as knees and ankles. The accurate, digitally...

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Foot pressure measurement – precision-perfect relief for the feet With foot pressure measurements, it is possible to determine the individual static or dynamic load situation on the sole of the foot. This involves identifying, calculating and digitally mapping the shape of the foot and the distribution of pressure. Indications of possible foot misalignments and details of the general dynamics of the foot can be deduced from this specific load situation. The measurement data thus enables a precise pressure distribution analysis to be carried out under the foot, providing the basis to...

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Our foot orthosis technology – adapted to suit the anatomy and condition of the feet WEIGHTFLEX® TRANSMISSION OF FORCE WITH THE X FACTOR Optimized gait pattern The “weightflex-X“ integrated in the orthotic core supports the internal dynamics and torsional stability of the feet. The side sections, which vary in elasticity, guide the forces that arise over two pivot points. The mutual exchange of force supports the natural heel-to-toe movement of the feet and corrects the gait. Pivot points of the “weightflex-X“ This technology is used in the ErgoPad® weightflex and ErgoPad® weightflex 2 foot...

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POWERWAVE® AN INTELLIGENT CONNECTION Bauerfeind’s patented PowerWave® technology uses an intelligent vertical serration system to combine materials with varying degrees of hardness, thus providing optimum pressure relief, stabilization and support for the foot. All PowerWave® foot orthoses are precisely adapted to meet the specific requirements of the sporting activity they are needed for. The functional elements required for this are connected like a jigsaw in a threedimensional structure, leaving no uncomfortable edges or transitions that could be felt by the foot. The PowerWave®...

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An ingenious combination of high-tech solutions and craftsmanship – from the development phase right through to individual fittings 1. DETERMINATION OF PRECISELY ADAPTED FUNCTIONAL AREAS · Definition of the functional areas by a physician and an orthotist 4. ADVICE AND ACCURATE FITTING AT A MEDICAL RETAILER · The optimum foot orthosis is prepared at the medical retailer · An orthotist fits the orthosis precisely to suit the foot and shoe 2. HIGH-TECH PRODUCTION TO “MADE IN GERMANY“ STANDARD · Production carried out in Bauerfeind’s highly specialized facilities · More than 80 years of...

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Always well cared-for – basic construction of a foot orthosis Illustration Soft foam Top cover Top layer Metatarsal pad Thermal reinforcement Synthetic core Soft foam base layer Cork base Bottom layer Material key TECfom (EVA/PE 25° Shore A) Globofit (PU approx. 12° Shore A) TECtop (EVA/PE 30° Shore A) Globoflex (PU/PE approx. 10° Shore A) TECmoll (EVA/PE 35° Shore A) TEClast (EVA/PE 45° Shore A) 9

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The basis for choosing the right foot orthosis: various indications of the foot Every person is different and so foot deformities and complaints manifest themselves in different ways too. Theright foot orthosis, precisely adapted to the foot in question, counteracts foot misalignments in a targeted way and relieves symptoms. Indication Mild arch decreased foot The longitudinal arch of the foot is flattened. This causes the foot muscles to tire earlier than usual and people affected by this condition experience mild sensations of overloading. It can also give rise to a burning sensation on...

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HEALTHY FEET ARE ESSENTIAL FOR MAINTAINING GOOD POSTURE AND PREVENTING OVERLOADING Pronounced (valgus) arch decreased/splay foot with chronic heel and ankle pain In addition to flattened foot arches, the transition between the calcaneus and the tendon attachment becomes irritated. This causes pain in the heel. If the irritation persists, e.g. due to overloading, a calcaneal spur may form. Mild to moderate high arched foot This foot misalignment can be either congenital or acquired. The longitudinal arch of the foot is raised and the calcaneus is steeper, which puts a lot of pressure on the...

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PLASTIC FOOT ORTHOSES 17 ErgoPad® ball & racket 25 ErgoPad® redux heel (professional heel) 34 ErgoPad® redux heel 2 36 ErgoPad® redux hallux 38 GloboTec PP-Flex (Polyflex) 48 GloboTec Kunststoff-Leder (Aktiv) 56 SOFT FOAM FOOT ORTHOSES 59 MILLED FOOT ORTHOSES 79 CORK FOOT ORTHOSES 85 GloboTec Flexibler Kork 90 PedoPrint® footprint device 98 Foot Impression foam 100 Insole Display incl. Insole Sets 101 GloboPed Postop and Metasan 111 Components for foot orthoses Foam rubber metatarsal pads 116 Sponge rubber metatarsal pads 118 Heel (spur) cushions 119

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