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Bauerfeind AG is one of the world's leading manufacturers of medical aids. With our products and health care concepts, we enable people to get moving and thus play an important role in helping them stay healthy. We have been developing compression products for phLeboLogicaL and lymphatic conditions for decades, approaching our production and service with untiring dedication and our development with ingenuity. Thanks to our custom-made VenoTrain curaflow flat knit products, we can offer our lymphatic patients perfectLy taiLored soLutions, with six different colors to choose from...

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COMFORTABLE! WELL-FITTING! THE MATERIAL 90 percent of users rated the VenoTrain curaflow material as good or excellent. THE FIT 91 percent of those surveyed felt that their VenoTrain curaflow compression stockings fitted well or very well. PUTTING ON THE PRODUCT 82 percent of users also found their VenoTrain curaflow products easy or very easy to put on. Source: Results from a patient survey assessing treatment with VenoTrain curaflow compression products, Bauerfeind AG - March to August 2014

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DESIGNED FOR EVERYDAY LIFE Smooth microfibers make the stockings convenient to put on and comfortable to wear Constant pressure and an ideal pressure profile with a tangible effect throughout the time worn, pleasantly soft, fine double-stretch knit Perfect fit for individual body dimensions thanks to anatomically tailored stitched products Breathable and moisture-regulating knit for excellent wearing comfort Extra-soft behind the knee for problem-free mobility Intelligent longitudinal structure for optimal lymph transportation

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Our VenoTrain compression stockings cover all areas of application associated with modern compression therapy. They offer impressive, clinically proven effectiveness and unique material properties. Thanks to the wide range of colors available, the compression products blend seamlessly into their users' everyday Lives and can be combined with various fashion styLes. As a preventive measure prior to treatment of Lymphedema: The solutions, which are tailored to specific indications, include a wide variety of circular and flat knit styles that are available as custom-made or standard products....

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COMPREHENSIVE LYMPH EXPERTISE BAUERFEIND ACADEMY It is important to regularly train the correct measurement of flat knit products in order to ensure the best possible care for patients. In cooperation with your local representative, Bauerfeind Academy offers individualized training sessions on lymphology. Please contact your local o ­ rganisation for further details. LYMPHOLOGY TRAINING CONTENTS: ∙∙ Medical basics of lymphology and compression therapy ∙∙ Complex physical decongestive ­therapy ∙∙ Indication-based treatment with ­Bauerfeind flat knit ­products ∙∙ Practical measurement and ­...

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CARE SYSTEM LEG & FOOT LEG & FOOT STAGES OF LYMPHEDEMA & LIPEDEMA Stage 0 LATENCY STAGE Stage 1 SPONTANEOUSLY REVERSIBLE STAGE Stage 2 SPONTANEOUSLY IRREVERSIBLE STAGE The lymphatic system is damaged, but there are still no visible or palpable edemas. The tissue is soft and can be pressed down gently with a visible indentation. The lymphedema subsides when the leg or arm is elevated. The surface of the skin is smooth, the subcutaneous adipose tissue is thickened, and the fat structure is finely knotted. The tissue is hardened and it is either difficult or impossible to press down on it and...

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VenoTrain® impuls FOR ADVANCED VEIN PROBLEMS COLORS Produces a particularly deep action by exerting high working pressure with even the slightest muscle movements. Easy to put on and breathable thanks to microfibers. CARAMEL BLACK Highly effective for advanced vein problems, post-thrombotic syndrome, follow-up care for healed ulcers, and therapy in the early stages of lymphedema. FEATURES ∙∙ The short-stretch knit produces a high working pressure with even the slightest muscle movements ∙∙ Easy to put on thanks to microfiber material ∙∙ Skin-friendly microfiber material makes the product...

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VenoTrain® delight FOR INTENSIVE THERAPY COLORS Available as a flat-knit Leg stocking with skin-friendly, Latex-free materials and exceptional fit. For the treatment of advanced venous and lymphatic symptoms. The VenoTrain delight is avaiLabLe in a wide variety of designs. Deep effect on the venous system BreathabLe doubLe-stretch fabric Special grip Relief® structure at the top ensures the stocking remains comfortably and securely in place Extra-flat seams SIZING SYSTEM custom-made MATERIAL CONTENT • CcL 2: 80 % polyamide, 20 % eLastane • CcL 3: 79 % polyamide, 21 % eLastane • CcL 4: 75 %...

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01 FOOT WITH DIAGONAL CUT PATIENT'S SITUATION • Edematous dorsum of the foot • Toe misalignments • Skin and nail conditions in the toe area EFFECT • Required pressure profile at the metatarsophalangeal joints • Anatomical fit 02 FOOT STRAIGHT AND OPEN PATIENT'S SITUATION • Edematous dorsum of the foot • Toe and foot misalignments • Narrow foot tapering toward the heel EFFECT • Prevention of foot and/or heel slipping backward • Very well tolerated soft toe 03 T-HEEL PATIENT'S SITUATION • Skin folds at Y • Pronounced anatomical heel EFFECT • No creasing at the heel or instep • Improved...

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04 SILICONE DOTTED BAND PATIENT'S SITUATION • Generally required on all compression stockings for fastening in place EFFECT • Holds the compression stocking in place • User-friendly 05 PAD PATIENT'S SITUATION • Edema and hardening in the ankle region EFFECT • Increase in pressure at specific points • Prevention of edemas and hardening

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