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Premix without Electrolytes VERSION 3.1 ^OFTWAftfj T emplate: Premix without Electrolytes Order Information ABACUSOrder Entry & Calculation Software Doe, John Patient Type: Adult Volume Duiation Premix 5/25 Potassium Phos 3mM/mL PQ4 Sodium Chloride 4mEq/mL Potassium Cl 2rr£q/mL S odium Acetate 2mE q/mL Potassium Acetate 2mEq/mL Sodium Phos 3mM/mL P04 Magnesium Suf 4.06mEq/mL Calcium Glue 0.4S5mEq/mL MultivitaminAdJI MTE-4 [rJZI Administered Volume: 183472 mL Administered Rate: 76.45 mL/hout Administer; 8.00 PM 1834,72 mL over 24 hour. [7645 mlVhout] Formula delivers 1005J of /day dose. With 203.86 mL additional Overfill Comparison Order Hang Time: N/A No energy balancing was requested. Delete Ingredient Summaty CaJPOA Formula

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Order information you can trust ABACUS calculation software helps simplify the ordering, calculation and labeling process for compounded and premix products. It was designed to be flexible to help meet your institution’s needs and safety standards. The ABACUS Software is intended as an adjunct to and tool for pharmacy practice. It in no way replaces the professional judgement of a pharmacist. 1 Verify Correct 2 Order Specifics 3 Order Values 4 Results Summary 5 Administration Patient If applicable, special Changing the Summary of the order, Instructions ABACUS Software gives instructions...

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Calculate the ABACUS Software Difference PRECISE 3 utomated calculations help to minimize the risk of mistakes during the formulation A ordering process A 3 bility to manage your facility’s Cysteine protocol 3 alcium phosphate solubility assessment C 3 alculation of overfill and unused volume for Premix orders C 3 stablish warning limits per patient type E 3 ncorporates algorithims based on therapy methods to calculate formulations I 3 Only an authorized user can approve an order 3 System- and facility-defined warning limits indicate dosing that fall outside the warning limits EFFICIENT A 3...

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Calculates Infusion Rate for Premix Nutrition ABACUS Software supports the ordering of premixed solutions for parenteral nutrition. Users simply select a premix template, enter the volume and choose a formula. ABACUS Software automatically calculates the infusion rate and duration. • dditives are calculated A and documented within the software • Printed Label includes all ingredients; premix components + additives A pharmacist should confirm each template’s formula output against current, verified calculations in order to assure its consistency with current nutritional models for your...

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Configuration Options A WINDOWS based application, ABACUS Software is available in three versions that operate on or off a facility network and send orders from single or multiple computers directly to automated compounders. ABACUS CE SOFTWARE Calculation Edition Single Workstation Stand-alone Software version that calculates the patient formula and prints a label, to support manual additions to a solution bag without interfacing with automated compounders. Software includes warning limit capability, drag-and-drop Ca/PO4 curve utility and other features to address individual facility...

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GRAPHS MONITOR CALCIUM PHOSPHATE SOLUBILITY Analysis of calcium phosphate graphing curves provides feedback for formula solubility comparisons. Alert indicators change color based on level of limit violation. The template defines the action required when certain Ca/PO conditions occur during order entry. The ABACUS Software cannot make an absolute judgment concerning the precipitation of calcium and phosphate from the solution. The professional judgment of a pharmacist is paramount in the final acceptance of any solution for compounding.

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REPORTING CAPABILITIES ABACUS Software provides both standard reports and the ability to customize reports to a facility’s specific requirements. ▼ STANDARD REPORTS ABACUS Software Support • 24/7 technical support • Software customization services • Comprehensive implementation support • On-demand electronic help • Printable users manual For safe and proper use of the devices referenced herein, refer to the appropriate Instructions for Use or Operators Manuals. 7

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Place your order now. Call the Baxter Center for Service at 1-800-229-0001 For all drugs mentioned herein please refer to the manufacturers package insert for full Prescribing Information www.baxter.com Baxter Healthcare Corporation Route 120 and Wilson Road Round Lake, IL 60073 Baxter, Abacus, the Abacus logo, Clinimix E, ExactaMix, Mixcheck and Premasol are trademarks of Baxter International Inc., or its subsidiaries. Infuvite is a registered trademark of Sandoz Canada Inc. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Any other trademarks that may appear herein are the property of...

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Order Entry & Calculation Software BAG LABELS DISPLAY CONTENTS & INSTRUCTIONS Upon order completion, the ABACUS Software generates bag labels with detailed and complete information about the solution. Each custom label includes an order number and summary, administration instructions, and unique serial number and barcode. PREMIX LABEL NEONATE LABEL 7/18/2013 Acct: testneobl DOE. BABY JOHN Location: NICU/3 Physician: Ordered Volume: 48 mL Bag: 01 Dosing Wgt.: 1.2 Kg Order S/N: 100100 Compounded Volume: 198 mL AANeo 10% Dextrose -- Additives -L-Cysteine Sodium Potassium Magnesium Calcium...

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HOME INFUSION LABEL Y CAUTION: Federal lew prohibits the transfer of this drug to any person other than whom it was prescribed. Home Infusion Company Facility Address - City, SI Patient ID: Adultl Rx Phone DOE. JOHN Rx #: 00931 Physician: Raymond Test, MD Bag Dosing Wgt Order S/N Compounded Volume AA Adult 15% Dextrose Lipid 20% - Pharmacy Additives -Calcium Gluconate 5.2 mEq/L Magnesium Sulfate 7.8 mEq/L Potassium Acetate 36 mEq/L Potassium Chloride 15 mEq/L 60 gram 270 gram 50 gram Sodium Chloride Sodium Phosphate Multiple Trace Elements 4 31 mEq/L 15 mMol/L 1 mL/day — To Be Added By...

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