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The PRISMAFLEX System - 1

The PRISMAFLEX System Therapeutic Plasma Exchange Making possible personal.

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The PRISMAFLEX System - 2

One Platform. Multiple Therapies. Therapeutic Plasma Exchange on the PRISMAFLEX System. The PRISMAFLEX Control Unit is intended for: • Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) for patients weighing 20 kilograms or more with acute renal failure and/or fluid overload. • herapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE) therapy for patients weighing T 20 kilograms or more with diseases where removal of plasma components is indicated. A Solution for Multiple Therapies The PRISMAFLEX System can help you meet the demands of multiple therapies with a versatile platform that can be customized to specific patient...

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The PRISMAFLEX System - 3

Filtering Out Disease Mediators Plasma exchange on the PRISMAFLEX System is achieved by plasma filtration with simultaneous infusion of a replacement solution. During Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE), plasma is removed and pumped through the large-pore membrane of the plasma filter, while a colloid solution, such as albumin and/or plasma, or a combination of crystalloid/colloid solution, is infused post-plasma filter to replace the removed plasma. During TPE, PRISMAFLEX Software uses monitored pressure values to calculate Access Transmembrane Pressure (TMPa), in addition to the filter...

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The PRISMAFLEX System - 4

TPE on the PRISMAFLEX System The ability to run TPE on the PRISMAFLEX System offers clinicians notable features, including the flexibility and ease of use to meet the needs of your patients. Flexibility to Meet Diverse Patient Needs • Built-in prescription assistance • Pre-connected TPE set with auto-recognition feature Ease of Use from Start to Finish • Integrated anticoagulant and infusion pre-blood pump (PBP) • Replacement volume capability to support treatment protocols Confidence in Safety Features • Ability to pre-fill the TPE circuit with blood before initiating treatment •...

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The PRISMAFLEX System - 5

Intuitive user interface design Deaeration chamber for return line monitoring Polypropylene hollow fiber prismafilter

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The PRISMAFLEX System - 6

Manage Equipment • Hospitals that already own a PRISMAFLEX System can run TPE without purchasing an additional machine. • The PRISMAFLEX System is compatible with a wide selection of membranes for individual patient requirements. • The PRISMAFLEX HF1000/HF1400 Sets should be restricted to patients with a body weight greater than 30 kg (66 lb). Decrease Maintenance • Using the PRISMAFLEX System for TPE and CRRT means one machine for multiple therapies, potentially decreasing maintenance costs. Streamline Training • Setting up and executing a TPE procedure on the PRISMAFLEX System is similar...

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The PRISMAFLEX System - 8

The PRISMAFLEX TPE 2000 Set is indicated for use only with the PRISMAFLEX Control Unit, after having selected TPE therapy (therapeutic plasma exchange). The PRISMAFLEX TPE 2000 Set is intended for use in therapeutic plasma exchange, thus in diseases where removal of plasma components in indicated. The use of the PRISMAFLEX TPE 2000 Set should be restricted to adults. The size, weight, state of uremia, cardiac status and general physical condition of the patient must be evaluated by the prescribing physician before each treatment. The device should be used only on the direction of a...

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