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Overview of Science & Innovation at Baxter Baxter’s competitive strengths include its diverse technological expertise and commitment to scientific innovation. The company’s unique combination of capabilities in medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, including specialty biologics, sets it apart from other companies in the healthcare industry. Increasingly, technologies and scientific disciplines are converging, resulting in more new therapies for patients and clinicians. The combination of these disciplines and technologies offers great promise in addressing issues like medication errors and hospitalacquired infections. Baxter has hundreds of scientists working at research and development (R&D) centers around the world. Principal areas of strategic focus for R&D include recombinant and plasma-based therapeutics, vaccines, biosurgery, kidney dialysis, the formulation of small molecule drugs, enhanced packaging and infusion systems for medication delivery, as well as parenteral nutrition. Core Technical Competencies Each of Baxter’s six core technical competencies represents a specialized area of technical expertise and leadership that enables the company to develop and manufacture unique healthcare products. • Biologics – Baxter’s leadership in plasma fractionation, the process of breaking down human plasma into its component parts, is the foundation of many biologically derived therapies, including treatments for hemophilia and primary immunodeficiency. The company also has extensive expertise in recombinant protein production, using the proprietary plasmaand albumin-free (PAF) recombinant protein technology as a basis for current treatments as well as a number of others currently in development. Baxter also is involved in leadingedge research and development in recombinant therapeutics, vaccines and biosurgical products. Drug Delivery – Baxter introduced the first commercially produced intravenous (IV) solutions, premixed in glass containers and shipped ready for use, and later introduced the world’s first flexible plastic IV containers. Baxter was also the first company to partner with pharmaceutical firms to premix their drugs in IV solutions for efficient delivery to patients. The company’s expertise includes formulating and packaging injectable drugs in vials and syringes, and advanced drug formulation technologies.

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Overview of Science & Innovation at Baxter • Hardware and Software Development – Many of the therapies that Baxter has pioneered require the use of a device for the controlled delivery of fluids. The company offers unique capabilities in the design, development and integration of hardware and electronic systems and the software that controls them. Baxter also incorporates human factors (the manner in which a clinician or patient interacts with or uses a device) into the design of products. • Medical Plastics – Baxter revolutionized blood collection with the first flexible plastic...

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Overview of Science & Innovation at Baxter Baxter’s growth depends on a consistently innovative pipeline of new offerings that broaden the company’s portfolio of medically necessary products and therapies while reinforcing its leadership in core therapeutic areas. Examples in 2012 include: • Meeting Unmet Needs: A focus of Baxter's R&D pipeline is on products and therapies that have the potential to satisfy unmet clinical needs by improving earlier diagnosis, prevention and treatment and providing new, unrecognized solutions. • Baxter received FDA approval for an expanded indication for...

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Overview of Science & Innovation at Baxter • Improving Delivery of Care: Baxter is advancing several therapies that have the potential to impact the way care is delivered to patients through innovative uses of new and existing technologies. • Baxter submitted a biologics license application to the FDA for BAX 326, a recombinant factor IX protein being investigated for the treatment and prophylaxis of bleeding episodes for patients over 12 years of age with hemophilia B. • Baxter received FDA approval of a new 4000 IU dosage strength of ADVATE [Antihemophilic Factor (Recombinant)...

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