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JLL EP Diagnostic Catheter - 1

Specification Fixed 6F CS with lumen Model No. French size(F) Electrode spacing(mm) Electrode size(mm) Usable Leugth(cm) French size(F) Electrode spacing(mm) Fixed 6F CS with lumen Fixed 2F Fixed 2F Electrode size(mm) Usable Leugth(cm) distal:1.5 ring:1.3 JLL EP Diagnostic Catheter Cable Model No. Usable Leugth(cm) 2-2-20, Higashishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002 Japan EP Division Tel: +81 3-6711-5231

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JLL EP Diagnostic Catheter - 2

Fixed 6F CS with lumen Fully Braided Shaft · Great torque transition while maintaining adequate flexibility allows easy approach into distal CS Lumen · Able to flush contrast agent and conduct CS angiograms to identify the ostium and small branches · Compatible with 0.035" guidewires and Japan Lifeline's 2F Catheters Flexibility · Able to approach Vein of Marshall and Anterior Interventricular Vein Tip Electrode · Capable of mapping critical sites deep in the CS 2F Catheter inserted into Fixed 6F CS Catheter RAO

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