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NRG™ RF Transseptal Needle Innovations in transseptal access Superior Technology Baylis Medical is committed to innovations in transseptal punctures. Our transseptal products are designed to provide a smooth and controlled transseptal puncture. View tip in left atrium Cross thin aneurismal septum Reduce the excessive tenting and risk of needle jump1 Cross thickened, fibrotic septum Reduce the force required1 Faster procedure times Reduce procedure1-2 and fluoro-radiation1 times Know exactly where the tip is at all times 2 The use of a radiofrequency needle improves the safety and efficacy...

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NRG™ RF Transseptal Needle Puncture with rf energy Specifications NRG™ RF Transseptal Needle Length Compatible Transseptal Sheaths 6F Small anatomy Fixed Curve — 48 cm 8F or 8.5F Fixed Curve — 63 cm 8F or 8.5F Fixed Curve — 81 cm 8F or 9F Steerable — 67 cm *compatible with 0.032” dilator systems; Proximal Gauge 19 ga; Distal Gauge 22 ga. Proximal Gauge: 18 ga Distal Gauge: 21 ga The curves of the NRG™ RF Transseptal Needles mimic those of conventional needles Inner lumen for fluid injection and pressure waveforms Electrically insulated Connector Cable The RFP-100 Generator was designed...

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