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Nykanen RF Wire NRG® RF Transseptal Needle PowerWire™ RF Guidewire

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RF Puncture System - 2

RF Puncture System One generator, four products, multiple applications ProTrack™ Microcatheter Has been used most commonly in cases of: - Pulmonary Atresia - Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome Exchange-length wire that handles like a standard 0.024” guidewire The ProTrack™ Microcatheter can be used to: - Facilitate access to tortuous distal vasculature - Deliver contrast or therapeutic agents - Exchange guidewires Active atraumatic tip - Diameter: 0.016” - Length: 1.5 mm Excellent trackability and infusion rates

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RF Puncture System - 3

NRG® RF Transseptal Needle The NRG® RF Transseptal Needle enables controlled transseptal puncture across all types of septa RF Puncture (RFP) technology reduces the need for excessive tenting, making it ideal also for smaller anatomy The PowerWire™ RF Guidewire is a 0.035”, exchangelength guidewire that uses RFP technology to cross occluded peripheral vessels that are difficult to cross with a conventional guidewire. New radiopaque tip for precise positioning 6 tip configurations: • 3 straight-tip configurations - 50, 75 or 110 gram tip strength • 3 angled-tip configurations - 20, 30, or 40...

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RF Puncture System - 4

Nykanen RF Wire Product Code RFP-265 ProTrack™ Microcatheter Specifications — Maximum recommended pressure 250 psi* Product Code Outer Diameter Inches / French Length — cm CIC 35-145 0.035/2.7 145 CIC 38-145 0.038/2.9 145 * Flow rate of 2.7 mL/s at 37°C, with Mallinckrodt MD76 contrast in 50/50 solution with 0.9% saline. NRG® RF Transseptal Needle Product Code NRG-56 -32-C0** NRG-71-C0 NRG-71-C1 Curve Curve C0 Curve C0 Curve C1 Perform controlled punctures with minimal damage to surrounding tissue Compatible with all RFP products: - Nykanen RF Wire - NRG® RF Transseptal Needle - PowerWire™...

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