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BD Best Practice Formulary Plated Media live healthy lives

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BBL Prepared Plated Media ™ Continuing the Tradition of Excellence… For longer than any other • Calculation of Cost Efficiencies Using Plated Media prepared microbiology media manu- Generally, plated media are more cost-effective than tubed facturer, BD Diagnostics has refined media. Plated media contain a greater surface area for isolated research, manufacturing and quality control processes to achieve the highest standards for BBL products. These refinements have made BD the world’s leading manufacturer of quality prepared media. In today’s challenging healthcare environment, BD offers...

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S E C T I O N O N E Enrichment/Nonselective S E C T I O N T W O Selective/Differential Media S E C T I O N T H R E E Anaerobe/Mycology/ Mycobacteriology S E C T I O N F O U R Susceptibility Media 2 4 8 24 32

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I S O D O C U M E N T A T I O N ISO 9001:2000 Registration Certificate B D B E S T P R A C T I C E F O R M U L A R Y Expanded List of Formulary Products F O R M U L A T I O N S Media Index 36 36 38 3

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S E C T I O N O N E Enrichment/Nonselective Since 1935, BBL (now BD Diagnostics) has brought to the microbiology laboratory products of the highest quality and performance. With the 1997 acquisition of Difco Laboratories, BD today draws on a collective 170 years of experience in media product development, manufacturing and troubleshooting. Each and every day we continue to build on that knowledge and understanding. From our processes to our people, the history and tradition of excellence in BBL media is alive and well. We can point with pride to many associates in our production facility...

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E N R I C H M E N T / N O N S E L E C T I V E Chocolate II Agar Neisseria meningitidis ATCC™ 13090 Haemophilus influenzae ATCC™ 10211 Streptococcus pneumoniae ATCC™ 6305 Chocolate II Agar combines BBL™ IsoVitaleX™ Enrichment, hemoglobin and GC II Agar Base to deliver an overall superior product for the isolation and cultivation of Haemophilus spp. and Neisseria spp. Careful selection and pretesting of peptones for use in the GC II Agar Base ensures enhanced growth of fastidious organisms. Unique processing techniques deliver a rich cosmetic appearance and reduced possibility of...

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TSA II with 5% Sheep Blood Escherichia coli ATCC™ 25922 Enterococcus faecalis ATCC™ 29212 Staphylococcus aureus ATCC™ 25923 Trypticase™ Soy Agar, Modified (TSA II) is an improved version of the original TSA formulation. Its distinguishing characteristics are superior recovery and cultivation of fastidious microorganisms, clearly defined zones of hemolysis and larger colony sizes. The result: higher quantitative recoveries of most commonly encountered organisms, and more sharply defined zones of β-hemolysis seen with Streptococcus pyogenes. Colonies are easier to Streptococcus pyogenes ATCC™...

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E N R I C H M E N T / N O N S E L E C T I V E The BBL™ I Plate™ Dish A BBL™ I Plate™ dish offers two high-quality BBL Media formulations in a single plate. Each medium provides ample surface area for easy inoculation and clear, luxuriant growth. The laboratory benefits from labor savings, lower supply costs and reduced waste. BBL™ I Plate™ formulation combinations include: • Trypticase™ Soy Agar (TSA II) with 5% Sheep Blood//Chocolate II Agar Pkg. of 20 . . . . . 221302 Ctn. of 100 . . . . 221303 • Trypticase™ Soy Agar (TSA II) with 5% Sheep Blood//MacConkey II Agar Pkg. of 20 . . . . ....

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S E C T I O N T W O Selective/Differential Media Many media manufacturers will purchase all of the components necessary to produce their products from outside vendors. At BD, history has shown us that it is always optimal to have control of all your raw materials. For example, the sheep blood for our media is obtained from one of the largest sheep farms in the eastern half of the U.S., which is owned and operated by BD. As such, BD has integrated raw material manufacturing into our operations to maintain complete control over the quality of ingredients used in our products. Our associates...

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S E L E C T I V E / D I F F E R E N T I A L M E D I A BCYE Agar BBL™ Buffered-Charcoal-Yeast Extract Agar (BCYE Agar) was the first commercially-available prepared plated medium for the isolation and cultivation of Legionella pneumophila (the causative agent of Legionnaires’ disease). Alpha-ketoglutarate is incorporated into the formulation to increase the recovery of Legionella spp. BCYE is the base for a number of differential and selective formulations for the isolation of Legionella from both environmental and clinical specimens. BCYE Agar (for Legionella) Pkg. of 10 . . . . . 221808...

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Campy CVA Agar Several media formulations exist for the selective primary isolation and cultivation of Campylobacter jejuni from fecal specimens. Campy CVA (CefoperazoneVancomycin-Amphotericin B) Agar is the medium of choice due to its balance of antibiotics, which yields good selectivity without sacrificing recovery. Proper atmospheric generation is equally critical for successful cultivation of Campylobacter spp. GasPak™ EZ CampyPouch™ or CampyPak™ Plus Systems create the ideal microaerophilic environment. Incubation at 42˚C increases the selectivity of this medium. Campy CVA Agar...

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S E L E C T I V E / D I F F E R E N T I A L M E D I A BBL™ CHROMagar™ MRSA BBL™ CHROMagar™ MRSA is designed for the qualitative, direct detection of nasal colonization by methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). The medium aids in the prevention and control of MRSA infections in healthcare settings. MRSA strains will grow in the presence of cefoxitin1 and produce mauve-colored colonies resulting from hydrolysis of the chromogenic substrate. CHROMagar MRSA offers up to 8% greater recovery than traditional screening algorithms. BBL™ CHROMagar™ MRSA BBL™ CHROMagar™ MRSA 20 Plates. ....

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