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BD FACS Sample Prep Assistant III

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BD FACS Sample Prep Assistant III Automated flow cytometry sample preparation to optimize laboratory efficiency Features Improves laboratory workflow efficiency and frees up technician time to perform other tasks Accelerates sample processing Increases efficiency of reagent consumption Allows use of various types of blood collection tubes to support a wide range of applications Increases pipetting accuracy, reduces potential variability between operators The BD FACS™ Sample Prep Assistant III (SPA III) maximizes walkaway lyse/no-wash sample preparation for clinical and research labs using BD FACSCanto™ or BD FACSCalibur™ flow cytometers. The SPA III automates flow cytometry sample preparation, speeding processing for labor-intensive manual steps and freeing technicians’ time for other tasks. Automation helps reduce variability in sample preparation. Automated Tasks The SPA III automates a range of manual sample preparation steps. It pierces the primary blood collection tube cap to withdraw sample, aliquots blood and reagent into daughter tubes, adds lysing solution, and mixes the sample according to preprogrammed as well as custom protocols. Incubation can be performed outside the system, freeing the instrument to process the next set of samples. By automating manual steps, the SPA III minimizes interaction with potentially infectious samples, thereby reducing exposure to biohazards. Flexibility in Blood Collection Tubes To provide greater flexibility, the SPA III works with a wide variety of sample tubes. BD Vacutainer®, Streck Cyto-Chex®, and Sarstedt primary tubes of different sizes can be accommodated. Time Savings and Improvement in Reagent Consumption By improving processing speed and reducing reagent consumption, the SPA III allows laboratories to realize both time and cost savings. Processing time of multicolor IMK and TBNK assays is reduced up to 30%. The SPA III also has been optimized to reduce reagent waste by approximately 20% when using the single-dispense mode. Figure 1. Sample Prep Assistant III workstation Improved Workflow The SPA III ensures efficient workflow, allowing technicians to choose between scanning barcodes on blood collection tubes and manually entering sample information into a worklist. SPA worklists can be imported into BD FACSCanto™ clinical software, BD™ Worklist Manager software, and BD FACSDiva™ software for automated sample acquisition with BD FACSCanto and BD FACSCalibur flow cytometers. The SPA III runs predefined BD Multitest™ 6-color and 4-color panels and BD Tritest™ panels. In addition, user-defined panels can be created for running custom assays for greater flexibility. Visit for more information.

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Maintenance Instrument maintenance procedures for priming, rinsing, and cleaning are managed by predefined software settings. The probe change procedure has been simplified and is now performed using the software interface, further reducing exposure to biohazards. Part of a complete package of instrumentation, software, and reagents for sample prep and data acquisition and analysis, the BD FACS SPA III makes BD Biosciences the clear choice for clinical applications. Ordering Information ©BD BD FACS Sample Prep Assistant III is for In Vitro Diagnostic Use. BD, BD Logo and all other...

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