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BD FACSCount™ System

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An easy-to-use and complete system for cost-effective monitoring of HIV/AIDS

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A Robust and Trusted System for Determining Absolute Cell Counts and CD4 Percentages The BD FACSCount™ system is a proven, turnkey system designed to provide absolute and percentage results of CD4 T lymphocytes to stage progression of HIV/AIDS, to guide treatment decisions for HIV-infected persons, and to evaluate effectiveness of therapy in a wide range of laboratory settings. As the system of choice for CD4 monitoring in global HIV/AIDS treatment programs for over a decade, the BD FACSCount system is recognized for its simplicity of operation, robust performance, and reliable results....

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Proven Reliability and Ease-of-Use Easy to Install, Set Up, and Run with Confidence To provide users with reliable results independent of user training and lab infrastructure availability, the BD FACSCount system is designed for simplicity of installation, setup, and operation. The BD FACSCount system includes the BD FACSCount instrument, software, a workstation, reagents, and controls. The instrument is easy to install, operates from a standard electrical outlet, and requires no hardware adjustments or calibration. Only minimal training is needed to set up the instrument and to run...

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WORKFLOW Built-in printer Provides hard copy results of both control and patient samples Workstation For convenient sample preparation Coring station For opening reagent and control tubes Sample introduction Preprogrammed electronic pipette Accurately delivers 50 µL of fluid Step 2: Add 50 µL of fixative solution to the sample tube, vortex, and incubate. Step 3: Vortex and run on the BD FACSCount system.

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Absolute Counts and Percentages BD FACSCount CD4 Reagents The BD FACSCount system precisely measures absolute numbers and percentage results of CD4-positive T lymphocytes, the cellular parameter most closely associated with HIV/AIDS disease progression and therapy decisions. The system also measures absolute numbers of CD3 and CD8 T lymphocytes. The system provides reproducible and accurate results even with low CD4 counts. BD FACSCount reagents are provided as complete kits that streamline CD4 counting. These kits contain ready-to-use tubes with premeasured antibodies and beads for...

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CONSISTENT RESULTS BD Good Laboratory Practices Workshops The BD commitment to help prevent, diagnose, and treat HIV/AIDs goes beyond the application of technology. BD actively collaborates across public and private sectors with national governments, non-governmental organizations, industry, faith-based organizations, public officials, and healthcare providers to create effective and sustainable programs to build healthcare capacity. BD Good Laboratory Practices Workshops provide handson training to laboratory workers, focusing on the implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)...

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Easy-to-Use, Turnkey A System of Choice for Quality The BD FACSCount system has been an integral part of CD4 monitoring in global HIV/AIDS treatment programs for over a decade. On a worldwide level, the system’s proven accuracy and quality have made it the preferred system for patient management. System Performance, Linearity, and Accuracy BD FACSCount control kits consist of paired control bead sets, containing beads at four levels: zero, low, medium, and high. BD FACSCount control beads can be added to samples prepared with normal blood to validate laboratory practices and methodology and...

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Accuracy and Precision of BD FACSCount CD4 Reagents CD4 absolute count and percentage results were compared with results from BD Tritest™ CD3 FITC/CD4 PE/CD45 PerCP with BD Trucount™ tubes on the BD FACSCalibur flow cytometer using BD Multiset™ software.

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BD Biosciences is fully committed to the success and satisfaction of its customers. The BD FACSCount system is backed by a world-class service and support organization with unmatched flow cytometry experience. Since 1974, BD has been an innovation leader in cell analysis for optimal performance, ease of use, and improved workflow. This expertise is made available to BD customers through comprehensive training, applications and technical support, and expert field service. BD people are never far away to help support you and your lab. You'll get answers from a single, local point of...

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East Africa Tel 254.20.2738339/40 Fax 254.20.2738342 BD_Support_EastAfrica@europe. North, West & Central Africa Tel Fax bdbiosciences_france@europe. Asia Pacific BD Singapore Tel 65.6861.0633 Fax 65.6860.1593 Europe BD Biosciences Tel 32.2.400.98.95 Fax 32.2.401.70.94 Canada BD Biosciences Toll Free 888.259.0187 Tel 905.288.6000 Fax 888.229.9918 Japan Nippon Becton Dickinson Toll Free 0120.8555.90 Tel 81.24.593.5405 Fax 81.24.593.5761 Latin America/Caribbean BD Biosciences Toll Free...

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