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BD FACSVerse: Simply Brilliant The BD FACSVerse™ flow cytometer was engineered from the ground up to offer remarkable performance, flexibility, and ease of operation for research applications using up to 10 parameters. Innovation in hardware design, and in the new BD FACSuite™ software, delivers users a seamless workflow from system setup through data acquisition, analysis, and shutdown. The BD FACSVerse optical system features a compact optical bench, miniaturized detection optics, and memory chips integrated in the filter/mirror units to automate configuration detection. This enables the...

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Optimal sensitivity, compact design Reliable Performance for All Users The compact optical system uses free-space lasers to concentrate intensity at the flow cell. It is designed to minimize light loss and maximize resolution for multicolor applications. A number of innovations built into the optical system—including patented automated laser alignment, smart filter/mirror units for the detector arrays, and a stainless steel flow cell—are designed to maximize reliability and improve system performance. Smart Heptagon Detector Arrays Ensure Reliability Compact heptagon detector arrays...

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OPTICS Smart Components Track Performance Finally, the optical system in the BD FACSVerse flow cytometer is continuously monitored to help keep it operating at top performance by alerting users to potential maintenance issues before failures occur. The laser and operational status are tracked to help manage configuration with minimal user interaction. Filter/Mirror Units Compact Optical Deck with Three Lasers Eight-Peak Bead Data 0 102 103 FITC 104 105 102 103 104 PE 105 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 Count Count 0 0 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 0 Count Count 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 0 50 100...

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FLUIDICS Consistency, high performance Best-in-Class Design with Exceptional Flexibility Vacuum-Based System Enables Flexibility The BD FACSVerse fluidics system is vacuum-based for exceptional flexibility. This allows users complete freedom to acquire samples manually from virtually any tube format and streamlines workflow. Users simply click the sample tube in place to begin acquisition. The tube holder is built into the cytometer’s chassis to make it more robust and to protect the Sample Injection Tube (SIT) from daily wear. Through the precise coordination of the optical and fluidics...

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Unique Sample Injection Tube Design for Reliable Results The unique Sample Injection Tube (SIT) design is key to the fluidics system in the BD FACSVerse analyzer. It consists of a stainless steel outer probe and an inner probe made of a high-performing polymer that descends into the vessel and draws in the sample during acquisition. This allows access to smaller diameter formats without affecting usability. When sample acquisition is complete, the sample injection tubing area is flushed, minimizing carryover. This simplifies workflow and reduces the potential aerosol formation. Feedback...

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Exceptional choice and easy operation Truly Universal Walkaway Processing Tube Racks and Plates in the Same Footprint To ensure simplicity of operation and improve experimental input flexibility, the Loader is designed such that both tube racks and microtiter plates fit into the same compact SBS footprint. The optional BD FACS Universal Loader automates sample handling, enabling rapid processing of multitube racks and microtiter plates in this single unit. Designed to be easy to use and flexible, this option supports walkaway operation for busy research laboratories. Sample Identification...

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UNIVERSAL LOADER Mixing Design for Reliable Sample Resuspension An orbital shaker built into the Loader vortexes samples in tubes or microtiter plates. This design maximizes flexibility so that users can load prepared samples onto the Loader without needing to manually resuspend them. A selection of mixing frequencies, optimized for multiple types of sample carriers, ensures adequate mixing while preserving the cellular viability of the sample. P1 Universal Experience, Ergonomic Design The BD FACSVerse system was designed to ensure that the customer experience was equivalent with or without...

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Robust and reliable data Taking Productivity to the Next Level A true evolution in flow cytometry is empowered by BD FACSuite software. It enables the BD FACSVerse analyzer to provide the ultimate in ease of use and flexibility while generating the highest quality reproducible data possible with the technology available today. Simplified Workflow BD FACSuite software minimizes the number of user interactions with the instrument so that the user can spend more time working with samples. BD FACSuite software users can complete tasks at the click of a button for key workflows, from startup...

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BD FACSUITE SOFTWARE In the past, generating accurate compensation matrices typically required running individual compensation controls for every fluorochrome used at least once a day. Thus, for a five-color experiment, all five fluorochromes would be run initially to determine their spillover values (SOVs) for a compensation matrix. To subsequently add a sixth fluorochrome to the experiment, users would have to re-run all six at the same time. BD FACSuite Home Page BD FACSuite software minimizes the frequency and number of compensation controls required by taking advantage of the accurate,...

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BD FACSUITE Pre-defined and user-defined assays Streamlined Approach to Application Support BD FACSuite software provides optional BD pre-defined research assays for apoptosis, cell cycle, cell proliferation, and cytokine detection that are matched with BD reagent kits for reproducible results. User-defined experiments created in BD FACSuite software can be converted to reusable assays that include relevant settings, acquisition and analysis worksheets, gating strategies, and report parameters to reduce variability of data between users for the same application. In addition, before samples...

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