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BD LSRFortessa™ X-20

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Special Order Product Designed for limited space and boundless potential

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The BD LSRFortessa™ X-20 cell analyzer delivers high performance, multicolor analysis with the most compact footprint in its class at just 30 x 29 in. (76.2 X 73.7 cm) and a height of just 30 in. (76.2 cm). The BD LSRFortessa X-20 can be configured with up to 5 lasers, which enables the detection of up to 20 parameters simultaneously. The most common laser choices are blue, red, violet, yellow-green, and UV. Additional laser choices are available and may be configured at the time of purchase or at a later date to meet evolving application requirements. The BD LSRFortessa X-20 is supported...

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Performance without peer, choice without compromise The most compact footprint in its class The BD LSRFortessa X-20 is designed to support your current assay requirements. In addition, as future needs arise, optical capability can be added or upgraded. Flexibility in a small space The BD LSRFortessa X-20 fits most flow cytometry analyzer needs, and can be ordered with up to 5 lasers—most commonly, blue, red, violet, yellow-green, and UV— which provides flexibility in laser wavelengths. This allows researchers to optimize assay design by selecting the latest fluorescent dyes and antibodies...

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Emission spectra Excitation laser line (nm) Fluorescence channel PE-Texas Red® PE-Texas Red® Fluorochromes provided by BD Biosciences Pacific Blue™

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Maximum signal, minimum crosstalk An innovative and proven platform for multicolor analysis The patented collection optics are arranged in polygonshaped optical pathways. Their novel design efficiently maximizes signal detection and increases sensitivity and resolution. This enables researchers to identify cells with especially dim expression, or quantitate rare cell populations, by optimizing multicolor assays and panel design for best results. Optics system The optics system uses a novel laser design that illuminates cells in the sample, and collection optics that direct light scatter and...

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This design efficiently exploits the principle that light reflection is more efficient than light transmission for fluorescence signal detection. Emitted light travels to each PMT detector via reflection and is transmitted through only two pieces of glass to reach the detector. Therefore, more colors and higher panel multiplexing can be achieved with minimum light loss. Collection optics Emitted light from the gel-coupled cuvette is delivered by fiber optics to the detector arrays. The polygonal optical pathways maximize signal detection from each laser illuminated beam spot. Bandpass...

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Superior performance Unique and revolutionary designs for multicolor analysis While improved laser and optical detection design features have been incorporated into the BD LSRFortessa X-20, the fluidics system retains the true fixed-alignment flow cell design. The flow cell is gel-coupled to the collection optics to maximize detector signal. Fluidics system The fluidics system is pressure driven. Hydrodynamic focusing forces sample cells through the cuvette flow cell, where they are interrogated. The flow cell is in fixed alignment with the laser and gel-coupled to the collection optics....

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X-mount optical plate

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Greater consistency Automated controls for setup, acquisition, and analysis Cytometer setup and tracking The BD™ Cytometer Setup and Tracking (CS&T) feature of BD FACSDiva software establishes baseline settings and adjusts for instrument variability. The software reduces operator error, and ensures consistency of results by setting the signal time delay across the multiple laser beams and optimizing PMT voltages. Application-specific settings can also be specified, allowing for rapid setup and performance of routine experiments in a more consistent manner. QC tracking capabilities in the...

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Numerous other productivity benefits include user-defined batch analysis and automated features such as gate resizing, pausing between data files, exporting statistics, and printing before proceeding to the next data file. For analysis, the software includes powerful features such as hierarchical snap-to gating, a variety of plot formats, and batch analysis. Recorded data can be analyzed by creating plots, gates, population hierarchies, and statistics views on a BD FACSDiva global worksheet. Once the global worksheet is saved, it can be used to analyze multiple sample tubes from an...

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Special order products for unique needs The innovative special order program is tailored to meet the special needs of research at the leading edge of biomedical discovery, and offers a wide range of choices to help researchers create the ultimate customized instrument for their requirements. Multiple power options Innovative laser options include the choice of solid-state lasers across the full spectrum. Currently, a menu of 18 laser wavelength options is offered, ranging from the complete spectrum of ultraviolet to infrared wavelengths. Through the special order program, researchers can...

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c o n f i g u r at i o n Cuvette flow cell Evolving capabilities The BD special order program allows customers to add lasers after their initial system purchase, to meet new or evolving requirements. This wide range of choice and flexibility makes the special order BD LSRFortessa X-20 a solid, long term investment. An innovation process The vigorous sourcing of the latest and best laser technologies ensures an unparalleled range of configuration choices offered by the BD special order program for BD™ LSR analyzers. New technologies are regularly incorporated into the product line as soon as...

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BD Biosciences is fully committed to the success and satisfaction of its customers. Supporting flow cytometry applications for over 35 years, BD has training, technical application support, and field service teams dedicated to helping customers achieve optimal instrument performance, ease of use, and streamlined workflow. With unmatched flow cytometry experience, this world-class service organization is available to help with your BD LSRFortessa X-20 product installation, future upgrades, and application support. Training Hands-on training is included with each special order BD LSRFortessa...

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