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BD LSRFortessa Performance without peer, choice without compromise

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Performance without peer, choice without compromise The BD LSRFortessa™ cell analyzer offers the ultimate in choice for flow cytometry, providing power, performance, and consistency. Designed to be affordable and expandable, the BD LSRFortessa has the flexibility to support the expanding needs of multicolor flow cytometry assays. The BD LSRFortessa analyzer can be configured with up to 4 lasers— blue, red, violet, and UV—which enables the detection of up to 18 colors simultaneously. The BD LSRFortessa may be upgraded subsequently with additional or new lasers from BD, as future requirements...

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Boundless Potential The BD LSRFortessa Analyzer Flexibility in a Small Space An affordable choice to fit most flow cytometry analyzer needs, the BD LSRFortessa can be ordered with up to 4 lasers—blue, red, violet, and UV—which provides flexibility in laser wavelengths so assay design can be optimized using the latest fluorescent dyes and substrates. The instrument can accommodate the detection of up to 18 colors simultaneously with a defined set of optical filters that meet or exceed the majority of today’s assay requirements. The BD LSRFortessa is designed to enable your current assay...

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FLUIDICS Superior Performance Unique and Revolutionary Designs for Multicolor Analysis Fluidics System The fluidics system is pressure driven. Hydrodynamic focusing forces sample cells through the cuvette flow cell, where they are interrogated. The flow cell is in fixed alignment with the laser and gel-coupled to the collection optics. This design ensures that the laser is precisely focused on the sample stream and the maximum amount of emitted light can be collected for added sensitivity in multicolor applications. Fixed alignment also minimizes startup time, improves...

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Cuvette flow cell Cuvette Laser Beams Cuvette flow cell Flow Cell A quartz cuvette flow cell is gel-coupled to the collection optics. This design helps ensure that lasers are precisely focused on the sample stream to generate the greatest signal and ensure that the maximum amount of emitted light is collected. Sample Injection Tube (SIT) 7

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OPTICS Maximum Signal, Minimum Crosstalk An Innovative and Proven Platform for Multicolor Analysis Optics System The optics system consists of laser excitation optics that illuminate cells in the sample, and collection optics that direct light scatter and fluorescence signals through spectral filters to detectors. Innovative designs for both the excitation optics and collection optics in BD LSRFortessa systems reduce excitation losses and optimize collection efficiency for increased sensitivity and resolution. The patented collection optics are yet another design innovation. Arranged in...

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Collection Optics Emitted light from the gel-coupled cuvette is delivered by fiber optics to the detector arrays. The collection optics are set up in patented octagon- and trigon-shaped optical pathways that maximize signal detection resulting from each laser illuminated beam spot. Bandpass filters in front of each PMT allow spectral selection of the collected wavelengths. Importantly, this arrangement allows filter and mirror changes within the optical array to be made easily and requires no additional alignment for maximum signal strength. This design is based on the principle that light...

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Greater Consistency Automated Controls for Setup, Acquisition, and Analysis Cytometer Setup and Tracking The Cytometer Setup and Tracking (CS&T) feature of BD FACSDiva software establishes baseline settings and adjusts for instrument variability. The software reduces operator error, and ensures consistency of results by setting the signal time delay across the multiple laser beams and optimizing PMT voltages. Application-specific settings can also be set, allowing for rapid setup and performance of routine experiments in a more consistent manner. Quality control (QC) tracking capabilities...

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BD FACSDIVA Acquisition and Analysis BD FACSDiva software enables researchers to preview and record data from multiple samples with an automated acquisition process. Acquisition templates, user-defined experiment layouts, and simple compensation procedures are also managed by the software to further facilitate acquisition. LSRFortessa - T Cells 104 103 150 CD2 FITC-A Grans 100 SSC-A 200 105 250 LSRFortessa - T Cells Lymphs 102 103 104 -369 50 0 102 Monos 105 0 -597 CD45 V500-A For analysis, the software includes powerful features such as hierarchical snap-to gating, a variety of plot...

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Count 0 103 105 FSC-H 1 µm 500 nm 200 nm 1,500 Count 2,000 2,500 Figure 1: BD LSRFortessa Standard FSC P1 P2 P3 0 500 The ever-expanding list of available lasers demonstrates BD’s ongoing commitment to perpetual innovation. This is one of the many ways BD ensures that the BD LSR analyzer platform continues to support the evolving needs of leading researchers around the world. 102 1,000 An Innovation Process A vigorous pursuit of the latest and best laser technologies ensures an unparalleled range of configuration choices offered by the BD special order program for BD LSR analyzers. New...

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SERVICES Services BD Biosciences is fully committed to the success and satisfaction of its customers. Supporting flow cytometry applications for over 35 years, BD has training, technical applications support, and field service teams dedicated to helping customers achieve optimal instrument performance, ease of use, and streamlined workflow. With unmatched flow cytometry experience, this world-class service organization is available to help with your BD LSR product installation, future upgrades, and application support. Training Hands-on training is included with each BD LSRFortessa...

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Regional Offices Asia Pacific Singapore Tel 65.6861.0633 Fax 65.6860.1590 China Tel 86.21.3210.4610 Fax 86.21.5292.5191 India Tel 0091.124.2383566 Fax 0091.124.2383224/25/26 Australia/New Zealand Australia Toll Free: 1800 656 100 Tel 61.2.8875.7000 Fax 61.2.8875.7200 New Zealand Toll Free: 0800 572.468 Tel 64.9.574.2468 Fax 64.9.574.2469 Europe BD Biosciences Tel 32.2.400.98.95 Fax 32.2.401.70.94 Canada BD Biosciences Toll Free 888.259.0187 Tel 905.542.8028 Fax 888.229.9918 Japan Nippon Becton...

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