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The Complete Family of BDIV Catheters and Devices O BD Advancing the world of health

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BD NEXIVA™ CLOSED IV CATHETER SYSTEMS BD Vialon™ Biomaterial Proprietary catheter material that: • Enables longer dwell times1* • Reduces the chance of mechanical phlebitis1* • Softens in the vein • Provides greater kink resistance2 Seamless patient care, with an IV catheter that lasts Closed IV Catheter System Dual Port and Single Port • esigned to last throughout the treatment process with D features that: –– nable longer dwell times,3† supporting the Infusion Therapy E Standards of Practice for clinically indicated site rotation4 • uilt-in stabilization platform‡ reduces dislodgement by...

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BD Instaflash™ Needle Technology Incorporates a notched needle which may improve first-stick success and reduce painful hit-and-miss insertions BD Nexiva™ Diffusics™ Closed IV Catheter System Performance under pressure • esigned to perform under pressure with a unique D diffusion tip that: –– llows the use of a smaller gauge for high-flow protocols A (22 gauge up to 6.5 mL/sec)* –– educes the destabilizing effects that can lead to extravasation R –– rovides significantly less force to the vein during power injection* P • onstructed with BD Vialon Biomaterial and BD Instaflash C Needle...

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BD AUTOGUARD™ SHIELDED IV CATHETERS BD Insyte™ Autoguard™ BC Shielded IV Catheter with Blood Control Technology Caring for you and your patients • rovides safety and performance while enhancing the P patient experience: –– o need to worry about stopping blood during initial insertion8 N –– mooth, tapered catheter tip which can help minimize insertion discomfort* S • ush-button needle shielding along with blood control technology P demonstrated: –– statistically significant 95% reduction in needlesticks9† A –– o reduce the risk of blood exposure by 95%8‡ T • onstructed with BD Vialon...

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ADDITIONAL PRODUCT OFFERINGS BD Saf-T-Intima™ Closed IV Catheter System • he name that you trust in IV catheters: T –– Designed with FEP polymer –– vailable in longer lengths for special placement A (3.00, 3.25 and 5.25 inches) • hielding design incorporates a telescoping needle shield S to passively cover stylet • re-attached extension tubing offers a closed system to help support P a bloodless venipuncture • emovable PRN adapter allows the use of any needleless R closed IV access device • onstructed with BD Vialon Biomaterial C BD Introsyte™ Autoguard™ and BD Introsyte-N™ Autoguard™...

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Catheter Length (in) Extension Tube ID (mm) Gravity Flow Rate (mL/min) High Pressure Rating (psi) BD Nexiva™ Closed IV Catheter System Dual Port BD Nexiva™ Closed IV Catheter System Single Port 383510    Yellow    24    0.56    0.4953    - 0.5715    0.6731 - 0.7493    1.22    19    N/A    20/Box    80/Case

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Catalog    Color Gauge    • Catheter ID (mm)    Catheter OD (mm)    Gravity Flow Rate    Packaging Extension Tube ID (mm) Gravity Flow Rate (mL/min) BD Saf-T-Intima™ Closed IV Catheter System

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TO LEARN ABOUT ALL THE WAYS BD IS CARING FOR YOU AND YOUR PATIENTS Visit today or call (888) 237-2762 References 1. Maki DG, Ringer M. Risk factors for infusion-related phlebitis with small peripheral venous catheters. A randomized controlled trial. Ann Intern Med. 1991;114(10):845-854. 2. Gaukroger PB, Roberts JG, Manners TA. Infusion thrombophlebitis: a prospective comparison of 645 Vialon and Teflon cannulae in anaesthetic and postoperative use. Anaesthesia and Intensive Care. 1988;16:265-271. 3. González López J, Arribi Vilela A, Fernández Del Palacio E, et al. Indwell...

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