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BD? Sterile Syringe

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BD™ Sterile Syringe Convenience Trays Efficiency for batch filling. With features like a stopper at the bottom-most position to reduce manipulation, BD Sterile Syringe Convenience Trays help pharmacy staff save time and effort when batch-preparing syringes. BD™ Sterile Syringe Convenience Trays Catalog # Description Luer-Slip™ Tip 309701 1 mL Syringe Luer-Lok™ Tip 309702 3 mL Syringe 309703 5 mL Syringe 309605 10 mL Syringe 305617 20 mL Syringe 305618 30 mL Syringe 309680 60 mL Syringe BD™ Tip Cap Tray Enhanced productivity, reduced waste. The BD Tip Cap Tray features latex-free caps packaged for ease of application and designed to minimize touch-contamination risk. Tray packaging reduces waste compared to single-sterile caps. BD™ Tip Cap Tray Catalog # Description 308341 Luer Tip Cap (Tray of 10) 305822 Luer Tip Cap (Tray of 50)

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