Microbiology Identifi cation and Susceptibility Solutions - 9 Pages

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Microbiology Identifi cation and Susceptibility Solutions

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Microbiology Identication and Susceptibility Solutions BD offers the best solutions to meet your microbiology needs ™ H.E.R.O. Solutions for Microbial Identication

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DIAGNOSTIC REAGENTS BD™ Innoculating Loops and Needles • State-of-the-art plastic molding technology guarantees volume delivery consistency Gram and AFB Stain Kits and Control Slides Gram and AFB QC Slides • Color-coded for easy product identication AFB QC Slides • Conventional 1” x 3” microscope slides imprinted with two circles. Gram QC Slides • Conventional 1” x 3” microscope slides imprinted with 10 squares. BD offers a complete line of microbiological stains, as well as quality control slides, for Gram and acid-fast staining procedures. All BBL/Difco stain kits are conveniently...

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DIAGNOSTIC REAGENTS BD BBL™ Pneumoslide™ Test Kit DrySlide PYR Kit A serologic latex slide agglutination method for the qualitative detection of capsular antigens of Streptococcus pneumoniae directly from isolated colonies or pure cultures from liquid nutrient broth. Visible agglutination occurs when the S. pneumoniae capsular antigen reacts with the antibody-coated latex beads. BD BBL™ DrySlide™ DrySlide Indole The BD BBL DrySlide provides the alternative to biochemical testing. Reagent is dried on the slide, eliminating the need for reagent addition. Each slide is divided into four large...

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IDENTIFICATION TESTING SYSTEMS BD BBL™ Crystal™ Identication System Gram-Positive ID Panel Anaerobe ID Panel BD BBL™ Taxo™ Discs and Strips The BBL Crystal System requires only one-step for inoculation. Once inoculated, the panels provide a closed system that is safe and easy to handle. Reagent addition and oil overlay are completely eliminated by the panel design. This miniaturized identication system has proven accuracy in identifying nearly 500 organisms. The Crystal panels may be read manually or with the BBL Crystal AutoReader. The AutoReader enables the laboratorian to read panels...

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SUSCEPTIBILITY TESTING SYSTEMS BD BBL™ Sensi-Disc™ ESBL Conrmatory Discs BD BBL™ Cenase™ Discs BD BBL™ Prompt™ System Failure to identify an ESBL-producing bacteria may lead to inappropriate treatment and increased mortality. In accordance with CLSI guidelines for conrmatory ESBL testing, BD offers the BBL Sensi-Disc ESBL conrmatory test discs. These cost-efcient discs are an easy-to-use accurate alternative to micro broth dilution testing. A rapid, clear-cut color change makes BBL Cenase discs the easiest and most convenient method for beta-lactamase detection. These discs contain...

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BD Diagnostics 7 Loveton Circle Sparks, MD 21152-0999 USA Tel: 800.638.8663 www.bd.com/ds 11 rue Aristide Bergès 38800 Le Pont de Claix, France Tel: 33.4.7668.3636 2771 Bristol Circle Oakville, Ontario Canada L6H 6R5 Tel: 800.268.5430 30 Tuas Avenue 2 Singapore 639461 Tel: 65.6861.0633 Monte Pelvoux 111, 9th Floor Col. Lomas de Chapultepec 11000 México D.F. Tel: Rua Alexandre Dumas 1976 04717-004 São Paulo, S.P. Brazil Tel: 55.11.5185.9833 Akasaka Garden City 15-1 Akasaka 4-chome Minato-ku Tokyo, 107-0052 Japan Tel: 81.3.6234.5570 Prompt is a trademark of 3M. Windows is a...

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