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Operator's Manual Clay Adams

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CLAY ADAMS, S&RO-FUGE. VACUTAINER, Homogard ami am t.redomarks of ^^rrr D-'ckfrison ^r>d company. (.'novtight 01995 iitrvtcn Dickinsdn and CVunpaxiv. AJt rights reserved.

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OPERATOR'S MANUAL Fuse Replacement for 115 VAC SERO-FUGt* 2001/2002. ..25

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This manual provides operating instructions for the C-ay Adams"'1 2000 Series Centrifuges - the single speed 2001 and the two speed Symbol Definitions The following is an explanation of the syrnbo s found throughout the manual and located on the centrifuge unts. ACAUTION - Risk of Personal Injury This symbol is used in bo;h Caution and Warning . messages to attract the users attention to potential hazards when using the centrifuge. ACAUTION - Risk of Electrical Shock This symbol is shown on the instrument to warn the user k of possible electrical hazards. Notes, Cautions, and Warnings The...

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OPERATOR'S MANUAL SERO-FUGE* 2001 and SERO-FUGE 2002 Centrifuges are compact. highJy versatile machines for use ir bfood banks and clinical laboratories. They are specifically designed to simplify many basic test procedures, such as blood typing, manual cell washing, cross-matching, genotyping, Coombs testing, and Anti-Rh titers. Both models feature a lid safety latch tha; performs the foiJcwing ♦ Prevents the unit frcm spinning while the lid is open ♦ Automatically locks the lid when the lid is closed ♦ Prevents iid opening until the rotor has stopped spinning Beth models allow for...

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♦ A dynamic b'ake to shorten the rotor deceleration time after The SERO-FUGE 2902 is a dual speed machine. The low speeC setting s useful when reagent manufacturers recommend low speed spins. This unit incorporates the same features as the SERC-FJGE 2001. This unit is not available for use at 230 VAC. Use of the SERO-FUGE" 2000 Series Centrifuges SERO-FUGE 2000 Series Centrifuges nave been designed tc facilitate blood testing procedures involving centrifugation, incubation, and cell washing, with a minimum of tube handling. Many procedu'es can be performed entirely without removing tubes...

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OPERATOR'S MANUAL have been designated to allow the ncubation of these reactions without -emoving the tubes from the rotor. You may lower the entire rotor into a water bath for the test being performed. When the rotor is removed, water will drain through the perforations in its base. Allow the water to drain completely prior to re-centrifugation or transporting CELL WASHING The 12-place Centrifuge Rotor Catalog No. 420545, may be conveniently usee for many tests that require single or multiple blood ceil wasnings. Because the tubes are maintained at an angle of 45° □uring centrifugation,...

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SITE PREPARATION Place the centrifuge on a clean level surface. The user should mark n boundary no less Than 300mm (11.8r) around the centrifuge and ensure that no person or any hazardous mcHeriais are within the boundary while the centrifuge is operating The centrifuge should be located so tnat the ambient air can readily circulate around the unit. The SERO-FUGE* 2000 Series Centrifuge s a table top unit and need no: be secured io the tabie. The SERO-F JGE 2C00 Senes Centrifuges are shipped fully assembled and ready for use. Before operating the machine, the desired rotor must be installed...

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OPERATOR'S MANUAL LOAD BALANCING For smooth centrifuge operation and extended equipment life, rt is essential that loads be balanced as equally as possible. Use of a tube ba.ance is recommended for best results. Before operating any centrifuge, the load must be balanced. Never attempt to balance the unit by adding weigKs, rnercury, or shot to the bottom of a tube. APPLYING POWER To apply power to the centrifuge, simply plug the unit into the proper AC receptacle. See the section beiow - Power Specifications - for power requirements and precautions. It is recommended that the centrifuge be...

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SERO-FUGE* 2000 Series Centrifuges car. use three types of rotors. They are as follows. I he 12-place rotor can accommodate the following tubes: ♦ 75 mm x 13 mn* without rubber stopper ♦ (6) 75 mm x 13 mm tubes with rubber stopper Any number of test tubes (except one. f've, seven or eleven) can be centrifuged without unba anc. ng the roior, piovieec they are placed symmetrically about the soindle. l ubes swing out to ar angle oJ 45° when the rotor is spinning and return to a vertical position at rest. A retaining ring is provided in the rotor to hold the tubes firmly in place. This enables...

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OPERATOR'S MANUA- The 6-place ro-or can accommodate the following tubes ♦ 100 mm x ".3 mm glass with rubber stopper ♦ 103 mm x 1C ?5 mm glass with -ubber s-opper ♦ 100 mm x 16 mm glass with rubber stopper ♦ 100 mm x 16 mm Vacutainer® Blood Collection Tubes with rubber stopper {Serum Separation Tubes) The rotor has a :'ixed angle of 45° USE ONLY ROTORS MANUFACTURED OR SUPPLIED BY CLAY ADAMS" SPECIFICALLY FOR USE IN THE SERO-FUGE* 2000 SERIES CENTRIFUGES. USE OF OTHER ROTORS MAY BE HAZARDOUS. Each of the SERO-FUGE rotors is 'ated for safe operation at speeds up to 3600 RPM with the tubes...

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British Standard (BS 1363) with Integral Fuse Common y used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and elsewhere. Continental European "Schuko" (CEE 7/7) Commonly used in Genmary, Austria, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and elsewhere. May be plugged into French and Belgian receptacles. 115VAC SERO-FUGE" 2001/2002 REPLACEMENT FUSES UL listed and CSA certified 5mm x 20mm, Type T, time lag-fuses 230VAC SERO-FUGE* 2001 Replacement Fuses SLMKO, BSl, or VDE approved 5mm x 20mm, Type T, time-lag fuses rated at 3 amps, 250VAC. SERO-FUGE® 2000 Series Centrifuge...

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OPERATOR'S MANUAL Power Requirements Connect to a 3-wire grounded AC receptacle rated at 115 volts, SO- SO Hz. The luge will operate within a voltage range of 103 to Connect to a 3-wire grounded AC receptacle rated at 230 volts, 60 hz. I he centrifuge will operate within a voltage range of 198 to 264 Connect to a 3-wire grounded AC receptacle raied at 115 volts, either 50 or 60 Hz. The centrifuge will operate within a voltage ranae Jncier full load: 12-. 8-, or 6-place rotor: *Note: Full :oad s dflllned as any SERO-FUGC 2000 Series Centrifuge roior loadeo to capacity vvllh any lube...

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