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To create good ideas, you have to have your head in the stars, and your feet firmly on the ground. At BÉABA, we have designed each product around a simple idea: behind each baby, there is a budding gourmet, an explorer, a flourishing, inquisitive mind... in short, a little treasure. In this mini-guide, you will discover the products, which are all as beautiful, practical and as simple as child’s play. But, above all, you will discover solutions and new ideas to make baby’s life more gourmet, free, fun and safe... An example? The new version of our iconic Babycook® (Solo or Duo) is not just...

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BUDDING GOURMET For moms whose babies will be very, very big gourmets. Easy, simple and painless, for your greatest comfort With the collaboration of Ardo, a specialist in highly technical devices for hospital environments and a neonatal expert, BÉABA brings you the Biboz breast pump which reproduces baby’s natural rhythm for optimum effectiveness and comfort. It ensures an active and gentle massage of the breast for an easier, faster, and, above all, painless flow of milk.

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Budding gourmet Biboz, the baby bottle which is just like breast-feeding Biboz was designed to closely recreate the sensations and feelings of comfort and reassurance felt by baby when breast feeding. Biboz, siMilaR to contact with the BReast Its soft, flexible, fine silicone teat permits baby to feed without effort and recreate sensations very much like those felt when breast feeding. Biboz, in the saMe waY as the BReast’s natuRal Flow Its innovative teat with a “MyFlow” slit has been designed to open only when baby sucks. As when breast feeding, baby controls the flow of milk and sucks at...

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Budding gourmet WHAT’S NEW? Smart and innovative, the Bib‘second control is the first steam heated bottle that controls the temperature in the middle of the feeding bottle. how ? Thanks to its heat-sensitive probe which allows you to control the middle of a feeding bottle or a small jar for optimum precision and safety. Genuine 3-in-1 technological innovation The Bib’second control offers a multitude of functions › Defrosting Small jars and breast milk The bottle warmer that takes its role very seriously! › Sterilisation Bottles, dummies... And that’s not all! In order to meet all needs,...

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Budding gourmet Not a second to waste! Because your time is precious, BÉABA has thought about you by developing the Bib’expresso! › Faster: a bottle ready in 30 seconds › Safer: a bottle always at the right temperature › Easier: easy to use, just one hand is needed to prepare the bottle. Multifonction! The Bib’expresso is also equipped with a removable bain-marie for heating bottles and baby jars, as well as a microwave steriliser. . Tea time Fancy a tea? Nothing could be easier! Take advantage of the Bib’expresso self-cleaning function to boil your water. More colours on www.be

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Budding gourmet • Glass feeding bottle available in 110 ml and 250 ml. • Silicone cover protects glass feeding bottles. Easier handling. • Plastic feeding bottle with handles available in 140 ml, 260 ml and 330 ml. • Plastic feeding bottle available in 140 ml, 260 ml and 330 ml. • Stacked formula milk container. • Set of 6 feeding bottles 260 ml. • Dummy adapter fits all 33 cl and 50 cl mineral water bottles. • NEW Dummy clip. • NEW Dummy available with a 1st or 2nd age orthodontic or reversible teat. Shopping list

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Budding gourmet • 2-in-1 bottle brush  feeding bottle and teat. • Bottle brush + bottle brush holder. • Folding feeding bottle draining rack  ultra-compact and easy to store. • Baby-bottle carrier. • Feeding bottle draining rack. • Bib’secondes bottle and jar warmer, ultra-fast (2 mins). • Bib’bainmarie  feeding bottle and baby jar warmer, equipped with an adapter for use in the car. • Stéril’twin microwave or cold water steriliser. Onctuo, no pity for lumps! • Stéril’express  electric steriliser. Thanks to its soft and ultra-fast whisk, it is easy to prepare bottles and milk is made even...

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Budding gourmet Babycook®, the success story A look back at the worldwide success of an iconic product ›››› 2003 New design, the Babycook® Original reveals a more rounded shape and is available in several colours… Volume bowl: 800 ml. ›››› 1989 It was at the end of the 1980s that the Babycook®, the first blender-cooker, steamer, mixer for babies saw the light of day! 4-in-1 it cooks, blends, reheats and defrosts and allows you to prepare a gourmet meal in less than 15 minutes. A revolution for baby’s meals... an

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Budding gourmet ›››› 2012 The Babycook® family grows with the launch of two new models which meet the new needs of families: the Babycook® Solo and Babycook® Duo. Now, parents have the choice! › Babycook® Solo : healthy meals in a flash! Thanks to its large bowl and ease of use, Babycook® Solo allows you to prepare more balanced meals in a second. Volume bowl: 1,100 ml. › Babycook® Duo : double helpings! The first blender-cooker which, with its two large bowls, each over 1 litre, allows you to prepare sweet and savoury dishes at the same time. Perfect for all the family, or for preparing...

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Budding gourmet The time has come at last for healthy, varied meals… No need to panic! Thanks to Babycook®, you are going to be able to discover for yourself the joys of preparing delicious small dishes in order to turn your baby into a true gourmet. GARDEN PURÉE From 6 months / Preparation: 10 mins › 1 courgette › 50 g fresh or frozen peas › 50 g green beans › 1/2 clove garlic › 2 leaves of basil › 1 tsp olive oil If the courgette is very fresh, do not peel it, but wash it well. Otherwise, peel it and cut it into 1 cm cubes. If the green beans are fresh, snap off the ends and remove any...

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