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AGS - Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging BeaconMems Key Features 1. Motor control panels 2. Skid mounted plant 3. Robust pumps 4. Flow regulating valve 5. Digital pressure switch 6. Non-return valve 7. Copper inlet connection 8. Inlet filter (optional) 9. BMS- Building Management System (optional) • Allows for more user friendly access. Two separate control panels (duplex systems only) allow you to run one unit while the other unit is being maintained • Accessible mounting holes provide easy installation • Factory pre-piped, wired and tested for assured reliability • Adjustable from the outside and can be placed on either side of unit • Easy-to-read digital display indicates pipeline pressure • Designed with minimal pressure drop for better plant performance • Installation ready • Easy to maintain and prevents large dust particles from entering the pump • Allows for interface with additional monitoring system

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Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging Systems HTM/ISO Brochure - 2

AGS Systems The Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging (AGS) system is an active system which removes anaesthetic gas mixtures from operating rooms and any other areas fitted with nitrous oxide terminal units. The removal at source thus eliminates the possible long term health hazards to exposed medical staff. By virtue of its design, the active disposal system can produce high levels of capture simply by connecting the terminal unit to the anaesthetic breathing circuit via a receiver unit, thereby removing the majority of “pollution" at source. The AGS system is fully compatible with any AGS receiver...

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