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Biomaster Additive

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The Antimicrobial Movement As more facilities become aware of the spread of bacteria, the need to improve hygiene levels and demand for antimicrobial is increasing. At BeaconMedaes, we are committed to helping healthcare facilities in the fight against bacterial and mold growth. What is Biomaster? The Biomaster additive has been proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria by 99.99% and lasts the lifetime of the product and is safe and non-toxic. • Silver-based additive: - The natural bacteria-fighting benefits of Silver has been known for thousands of years. - Silver prevents the growth of...

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Why Biomaster? • When looking for a partner in preventing bacterial growth, we looked for a product and company that is proven in not only the healthcare marketplace but also leaders in all industries where bacteria-fighting additives are needed. • Biomaster is used worldwide across many different industries including healthcare and laboratories. • The proven silver-ion technology of Biomaster makes it an ideal material choice for our applications for inhibiting practically 100 percent of bacterial growth. A Range of Products BeaconMedaes includes the Biomaster additive in products located...

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